What If?

In a world of good and evil, we are left with many moral dilemmas. Outlined by society, we are told what is right and what is wrong. When all we need to do is look within our hearts to know truth in our daily actions. Imagine if we all applied the ancient wisdom of “The Seven Generations.” This is a concept where every action contemplated and repercussions carefully thought out. Not just for this lifetime, but seven generations after ours. This next poem reminds me a lot of the song What if God was one of Us? by Joan Osborne. Imagine if we all saw Christ in every person…

What if the person you are arguing with was God?

How would you treat them?


What if the person you hate was God?

Would you reconcile?

What if the person you were about to steal from was God?

Would you still do it?


What if the person you are about to cheat on was God?

Would you still cheat?

What if the person you are about to kill was God?

Would you pull the trigger?

Stop waiting for the Messiah and his return.

See that he is already here.

See him in yourself, feel him.

See him in others, hear his words.

Love everyone, change the world!

We can create the Heavens,

and abolish Hell forever.

See through eyes of our creator

and finding salvation.

See the promise land,

as you are already in it.


“I see Jesus Christ in all his distressful disguises.”

~Mother Theresa

Step into the Canvas with eyes of compassion: instinctively slowing down. letting others into our lane; extending a hand to a stranger, when in need; throwing spare change at the homeless, as we are filled with abundance; removing the need to win; offering solutions, not complaints; giving freely in the name of Love…for that is all we are meant to be.