Bringing Dreams To Reality, Reality To Infinity

We can either sit quietly, doing nothing and often dream of what our lives could or could not be. Or we could ignite the internal flame to a new reality. A dream is only a dream until action is applied. Without action, we remain in the dream of yesterday.


Truthfully, we do not need to do anything to be happy…as happiness is a state of being. However…to be happy and live the life we have always dreamed of, we must activate the spirit. Activating the spirit, we implore a mighty technology…a technology based on Love. With guidance from spirit, we apply our goals.


Ani Po is familiar with this process as she often makes her own goals, committing to her dreams and activating them into reality. Without goals her dreams would only be a dream; With goals, they move forward into reality.


Recently Ani Po overheard a conversation between two pilgrims. One asking the other for advice. Not liking what the other pilgrim had to say, the first pilgrim storms off. Ani Po smiles as she has witnessed this before, knowing that humans often hear only what they want to hear and fail to hear honest feedback offered by another. With positive criticism, humans often fail to hear the message. Ani Po, listens attentively and smiles as she hears a positive message charging another pilgrim with owning his work.


The key to reality, is seeing it, believing it and owning it as our own. As we claim our dreams as our own, we assert that our reality will be so. If not…again…it remains only a dream.


1. Dreams

2. Writing them down

3. Taking action

4. tell nobody

5. Owning your reality


1. Dreams.  Everything begins with a thought or a dream. What begins them to manifest into our lives? Often times it is our own actions. However…it is often times without our own actions, but accompanied by a universal force that delivers an end result every time. The key is the dream, seeing it to be true and then knowing that it is on its way.


2. Writing them down.  To confirm any objective or goal in life, we must commit ourselves to that which we desire most. Writing these goals down, placing them in plain view, we are re-programmed to see it and live  it every day, assuring us that it truly is on its way.


3. Taking Action.  Once we have our dreams and our goals written down, we must take necessary actions, aligning ourselves with these goals. Maybe it is building new team building circles, friends circles, or inspirational group circles. Whatever the case, without preparing the fields for a healthy harvest, how will the farmer prepare for when it comes to fruition? Take action.


4. Tell Nobody.  This step is critical! It is often stated that a scientist can alter his own experiment by the mere watching of things. This is not reserved for merely the scientist, but the surrounding groups. If we tell other people our plans or goals, they instinctively will give their opinion…and we run the risk of altering our goals, by the mere interjection of the other opinions. Just the mere observation of the experiment (by the self or another), can change the whole outcome.


5. Owning Your New Reality. This final step is when we know we have arrived. Does a swimmer say, “I try to swim?” No. He or she is either a swimmer or not a swimmer. The key to achieving our goals is the ownership of our work. For me it means saying, “I am a writer.” Whether my work is good or not, I cannot achieve the greatness I aspire without owning who I am. The key ingredient to anything in life is the simple phrase…I Am That.


Stepping into the Canvas with Aspiration. With every dream, we have action; every action, we have a dream. As we dance to the beautiful tune of inspiration, we apply this wisdom of achieving our goals. Without goals our dreams would remain in bed as we sleep. Committing to goals…we fuel the dreams into reality, seeing it, believing, knowing it to be true with a self-realization of…I Am That, I Am.

I Am That

At the beginning of the pilgrim’s journey he found himself searching for answers. Answers about what he learned thus far. Before accepting the path of a Warrior, he traveled many foreign lands in search of truth.

Attending church…something left him empty. Attending a temple…feeling the same. Attending a mosque…something still remained void. Varying institutions all saying the same, that they are the only way…our pilgrim still found something missing.

On a cool fall day, he heard a whisper…I Am The way.

Ignoring this voice, he carried on his search for truth. Finding none, he humbled himself asking for truth. With the sound of the wind he heard again, “I Am The Way.” Befuddled, he again asked for truth to be revealed. The wind spoke,”I Am The Way.” Still not able to understand fully he tabled the idea fearing he might be losing his mind. Little did he know that he was about to lose a lot more.

A week had transpired and our pilgrim found himself on a retreat in the middle of the woods somewhere in the Midwest of the United States. Having no food with him, he thought he would challenge creation to receiving everything needed for his weekend in the woods.

With only a book and some water, he ventured into the woods. Hours had passed…and for the first time our pilgrim had felt peace within…but had no idea why. A noise caught his attention, as it was a familiar sound of a doe calling out in the woods. Anxious, he looked toward the sound, only to find nothing. When he returned his attention the other way, his friend appeared…it was a doe.

They exchanged looks, for moment, until she began walking in a way that said “Follow Me.”

Following the doe at about 20 steps behind our pilgrim was interrupted by an injured squirrel. Being sensitive to animals, and the fact there’s an injured squirrel, he stopped to witness the squirrel. The doe departed, leaving our friend alone with the squirrel and an overwhelming feeling. What was this feeling? Sadness. He realized that his life was not on purpose and so many injured souls remain in the world which he had not paid any attention to.

This was the first messenger to appear before our pilgrim and their were many more on their way. Messengers come in all shapes and sizes, from animals to humans, signs to books…all carrying a valid message for the pilgrims who are ready to receive.  The squirrel taught him a valuable life lesson, but his weekend was far from over.

His guide, the doe, appeared again inviting him once again to “Follow Me.”

Following his guide, he came upon a family of chipmunks. Observing them he was, again, overwhelmed with emotions. He realized that he was apart of that family and he was apart of a greater whole. Crying now, our pilgrim wept as he realized he had spat on his brothers for far too long. Looking to the heavens he vowed, from this day forward, I will extend my hand to my brothers and sisters no longer spitting in their faces.

Out of breath,  his guide appeared with another invite to “Follow Me.”

Following the doe, his attention drawn to something shiny and bluish in color. Getting a close look, and his guide vanishing, he noticed a bird. It was a blue jay. In wonder, he questioned the lesson that lay lifeless before him as it had just plummeted to its death. Reaching for the dead carcass as to overturn it in disbelief that he was witness to this death, he became overwhelmed  by emotion. Remembering how this blue jay once caused grief with annoying calls, he once again met his emotions. Weeping, he realized this bird had just given his life to teach him another life lesson. This time he was at a loss of words, as he realized that he once had taken life for granted and what he once thought a nuisance he found comfort in his calls.

Continuing on with what he has equated to a modern-day stations of the cross, he met his guide once more.

This time his guide took him to an ancient burial ground where a life-size statue of the cross stand erected in the center. Christ was on the cross. Falling to the cross, our pilgrim began noting names and ages of the warriors that lay before him. Ranging from 23 years of age to 92, these warrior’s bodies lay somewhere under the earth. Humbled, he thanked them for giving their lives in hopes of saving others…finally looking to Christ for the final “thank you.”

A day had passed and our pilgrim was again met by his guide, leading him to a back trail leading to the unknown. Nature was calling to our friend, as he had the urge to urinate. Knowing that their were people on a retreat, nearby, he hesitated relieving himself at that spot. He was about to be taught a lesson of humility.

Looking over a ravine, that led to river, he noticed a bed pan in the middle of the cliff. It was as if God himself said, “my child, are you not a part of these woods? Do you not follow the same rules as my beloved children?” Through laughter, our pilgrim learned that he needed to trust the voices spoken to him. The voice appeared in the wind, “I Am The Way.”

From laughter to tears our pilgrim fell, knowing that he was now hearing the voice of his Heavenly Father.

On cue, the deer approached him with a soft approach and once again invited him, “Follow Me.”

Walking for half a day , our pilgrim came to a crossroads and no idea which way to go. Understanding he must wait patiently as the path is revealed. Just as he learned of his inner voice, came his intuition. He noticed a beautiful sound of birds singing and immediately knew The Way. He followed the sounds to his surprise…his guide. He sat and pondered this lesson and knew that he had an internal guide with him at all times…only this time he was listening.

Led to yet another challenge, he found himself at a crossroad once more as his guide vanished.

This time overwhelmed by four options to turn down, he decided to sit. Falling asleep after sitting for an hour, he awoke to a dream-state. In his dream the jungle had come alive and was apart of it. Anxious to tell the world of his discoveries, his alarm went off. Looking at his watch it was 10:10am.

Startled by his alarm, he awoke from his sleep and his watch was exactly 10:10am. In disbelief, replaying his dream but for the first time he as awake. What was once in his dream shall become a reality. Without thought he began running down a path which led him to a darkened area of he woods. Not sure if he should enter the darkened path, his guide appeared to him inviting him, “Follow Me.”

The answer was clear to him and his fears immediately dissipated, as he marched into the darkness.

Halfway down the path was a bench…pausing for a rest. Replaying the lesson, he realized there was darkness all around him in the real world but he was no longer afraid. Trusting the lesson he stood tall, knowing his future was brighter than before. As if the wilderness had heard his thoughts, thousands of dragonflies began to swarm around him. Opening a path for him, he found himself running unafraid as the trumpets sounded and the dragonflies applauded him.

It was early evening now as he saw animals running behind the pines. It was his guide running at a pace of  being chased by another. His eyes did not mislead him as he saw more sets of leg…the wolves.

In fear of his guide being hurt, he ran to her rescue only to be stopped with a voice, “Thy Will Be Done.” Knowing that at times he shall know when it is God’s will and he is not to intervene…this was one of those times.  As he stopped, allowing this lesson to unfold, he noted a statue to his right. It was a statue of Archangel Michael pointing to the sky…reminding him”Thy Will Be Done.”

In disbelief he retired for the second night, in hopes that he would once again see his guide. All through the night he lay attentive to the sound of his guide…but only silence.

Arising to a new day, he set out to greet whatever came his way. To his relief, his guide appeared one last time. This time the pilgrim knew it was goodbye.

The deer got to within 10 feet and he silently thought, “be still and let her come to you.” She did. Now within arms reach they locked eyes, both sharing a look of gratitude. Slowly embracing his guide and tears in his eye he uttered, “thank you” …she was gone.

For now the story concludes, but more chapters to follow. While the story sounds fictitious, I assure you it is not. This story is a depiction of many pilgrims who have lost their way. While lost, they are given a choice to follow their instincts and believe that all will return to good. Upon answering the call, these pilgrims choose to call themselves Warriors.

We can follow the path of a pilgrim, lost and scared or we can choose to follow the guiding-light housed in all of us. Are you ready? Will you listen to the voice within? It is your time shine…what are you waiting for?

Stepping into the Canvas once a pilgrim, only to emerge as A Warrior. We can choose to follow the path of old or we can choose a brighter path of the future, painting a brighter tomorrow.

Our emerging Warrior, when greeted by various groups, speaks Truth and fears not of what will come of it. To his surprise, he hears them speak…”you speak so truthfully, you are one of us.” To his dismay he witnesses once more the human trait of claiming someone as their own and labeling them. Smiling he replies, “thank you… I Am That.”