Disconnecting…Only To Re-Connect

It is very easy in today’s busy schedules, to get caught in a trap of disconnection. The disconnect comes not from our daily mundane schedules, but through a disconnect with what matters most.

What matters most can be different for each person. For some it matters to be playing sports, reading a book, watching TV, tending to their children. Whatever the case, these are important. With our own self value, we find peace and comfort in special things that make us feel good.

Recently my schedule was inundated with “stuff” and I failed to see the importance of unplugging my agenda. In failing to see the signs, the universe once again shows me the way. With my desktop PC crashing and burning, my iPad crashing without allowing me to communicate, I am left stranded… Stranded from what I think is important. Failure to see what is important, I miss the mark once again… Silly human!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever saw signs of needing to slow down, but failed to heed the warning? It is necessary to heed these warnings, listening to our bodies and that internal guidance system. Failure to hear these signs, we are sure to be shut down by a universal force. In the past I was a workaholic, failing to take needed down time. In failing to do so, I inadvertently became ill. Some would say this has nothing to do with my schedule, I know differently. When I fail to slow down my body would shut down… Off for three days to catch up. This time it was not physical it was more of a mental shutdown.

Thankfully, I am healthy and able to work within the canvas. The PCs those will be repaired in due time, and I will be up communicating as before. Learning from this, I must remember to Steppeway…

Stepping into the Canvas, taking necessary downtime. Unplugging from the mundane, reconnecting with the divine… We are led once again into bliss. Once we unplug from the distractions of our days, we can reconnect with a universal life force… Reconnecting to our very soul. In our disconnect we are reconnected once again.