The Tomorrow of Our Days

Our dreams do no exist in the tomorrow of our days.~Ani Po

We could look to the tomorrows of our days, in hopes that our dreams will come to fruition or we could align ourselves today with a knowing that our dreams will come true. Without action of today the dreams of tomorrow may never happen.

Through careful contemplation we can solve any dilemma of our days. Simply looking at it with hopes of tomorrow being a better day…it may never happen or become a faded memory.

Keep the dream alive, make arrangements today…clearing pathways for our dreams to manifest. Contemplate today not for what might be, but how it will be so.

Stepping into the Canvas with deeper contemplation of our day. In our steps of the day we are aligning with our truest self of tomorrow. Keep stepping, keep seeking and it will be found.

in the tomorrow of our days



The Road To Self-Mastery: Taking a Shortcut

The road to self-mastery can be short or long, depending on the psyche of an individual. The choices we make can alter this pathway to paradise. In many traditions it is said, “we need only Christ-Consciousness or Buddha-Consciousness to find everlasting life.” Translating this…”if we think it, know it and believe it to be true…It shall be So.”


The longer journey is uncertainty or doubt. When we doubt ourselves, building walls of self-sabotage, our journey to self-mastery is longer. Whether we master the piano, sports, or whatever, it is through these facets or catalysts that we find self-mastery. In Buddhist traditions it is called ‘our practice.’ Through mindful-meditation throughout our daily activities, we find balance within all we do.

It is not necessarily the games we play, food we cook, friends we have, or materials gained, but merely self-realization. When we come to the realization that we are all of the above… Our boundaries dissolve, expanding our field of energy to the infinite.

My personal story, through various martial arts, continued for over 25 years. It wasn’t about mastering martial arts, but about mastering myself. The martial arts became a catalyst to that which was sought.

A few years back when I was invited into a Master’s program at a martial arts school, I declined… Boldly stating I no longer need the paper to show who I am. This was not intended to be disrespectful or arrogant, but merely stating “the piece of paper was no longer of interest to me.” Not focused on the piece of paper, I am left merely with The Way of travel. My training does not confined in a ring or in a Dojo, my training is out there in the streets. Not sure if the master understood, either way he politely smiled while I went on my way.

Thinking back to the scenario I would have loved to join the program not to get the piece of paper but to continue my training. While my training is continuous, there is something magical that takes place in a quiet room where our practice takes place. For I know that the training inside that room aids me in the training outside in the streets.

It’s not about training for the physical or brawn; it’s about training the brain and the soul.~Muhammad Yusef

Again, when we come to a place of self-mastery… where we no longer need this and we no longer need that…we merely trust in the guidance of self and the voice carried by wind.~Ani Po

So whether we choose the long course of self-doubt or the shortened course of self-actualization, either way we come to a place of self-mastery. While for some the journey is long and difficult, for others it is short and blissful. No path is ever the same and what works for one does not work for the other. The key to our journey of life, is enjoying every moment along the way.

Stepping Into The Canvas of Self-mastery. Whether pain and misery fill our days or peace and Love, we have the ability to live happily ever after. Whether we believe in infinite possibilities or limited beliefs of the self…eventually we come to a place of infinite possibilities. Why not accept them now? The key to our happiness is finding it in the ‘here and now,’ while we are still young enough to enjoy the fruits The Canvas of Life has to offer. The time is now…