Wiping The Canvas Clean

There is no right and there is no wrong…there is only The Way. Finding the way we activate intuition of the heart. In our Heart-center we find our path. But what this path may be…is left for us to choose.

Things may go right or they may go wrong, as we continue to perceive right and wrong. But in reality things…just go. How we see things fit in our own canvas of life, is merely a choice that is placed upon our hearts. We can dwell upon the adversities of life or focus on the miracle of life.

If we perceive something as being wrong, we have the ability to change our canvas of life…wiping it clean once again. In wiping our canvas clean, we allow ourselves to paint yet again…the scenery of choice.

As we begin to flow through this thing called life, things may go right or wrong as perceived by the self. Through self-realization we find happiness in wherever the perceptions fall. Finding happiness…finding our way…we choose to follow this path of happiness. In mindfullness we walk forward in the canvas of life…to eternal happiness.

Stepping into the canvas with awareness of self. As we perceive right or wrong, good or bad, night or day, we are left with the choice…the choice of living happily ever after or our own living hell. If things aren’t going the way we want them to…simply wipe the canvas clean Yet again. If they are…embrace it. Either way embrace the many miracles The Canvas has to offer.

The Road To Self-Mastery

The road to self-mastery can be short or long depending on the psyche of the individual. In the Christian tradition it says we need only have Christ in our hearts to find everlasting life. Translating this…if we think it, know it, believe it to be true…Anything is possible. Whether Christ is the person or Christ is the level of consciousness, one has the ability to adopt Christ-consciousness.

Elevating our consciousness, the journey of life becomes free-flowing and effortless. As we paint the Canvas of Life to our liking, more opportunities of abundance emerge. It is at this level we find self-Love and self-gratitude, projecting into worldly Love and Worldly gratitude. It is through our self-love we become in Love with all Peoples. Similarly, through self-gratitude, we find gratitude for the greater whole. Through our willingness and experiences, we gain knowledge of truths…failure to openness with minimal experiences, we are left in uncertainty.

The longer journey…is uncertainty. When we doubt ourselves, or build walls of self sabotage, our journey to self-mastery becomes greater. Whether you master the piano, sports, or whatever, it is through these facets we find self-mastery.
It is not necessarily the games we play, food we cook, friends we have, it is merely self-realization. When we come to a realization we are all of the above…boundaries  dissolve.

Years ago, I was invited to join a masters program at a local martial arts studio. Politely I declined. As I have come to a place of knowing my arts not through the papers or certifications but my actions throughout my day. My training is no longer with physical brawn but with brains and spirit. Through my actions I can either raise someone up or kick them to the curb. Today I choose…to no longer push another down.

No matter what they throw at me, I declare peace. No matter what they offer me, I accept only Love in return. ~Ani Po

So where does one begin? Where does one find this road to self-mastery? This is the easy part…with a single step. With every step forward may it be in awareness of where we have traveled, where we are going and most importantly where we are at this given moment. It is through our past and our hopes for the future, we find ourselves caught in the moment. Caught in a moment of time, creating a life made only for the self. This is our time to shine…time to make that first step…

Stepping into the Canvas towards Self-mastery. With every step, we are freed. Free from the past and free to step in the direction of our most desired. It is our Canvas and we are responsible for filling it…why not paint the masterpiece you have always dreamed of?