Children of the Revolution

Today marks the sixth anniversary of our Warrior friend. He sits reflecting on this special day, as it was the day he finally awoke from eternal sleep. He had slept for thirty-four years but finally awoke to truth; allowing him to move freely, creating the life he was meant to be.
We all dream of what our lives could be, but are afraid to step out of the ordinary. The Warrior often asks passers-by, “how is the rest of the world treating you?” as in most instances, the response is the same…”dreams of getting out of a stuck relationship, making more money or living a life of happiness.”
We are victims of a great trap. The trap we all fall into is listening to what our leaders tell us to do: our political leaders tell us of rules that benefit the majority. While a few find loopholes in the system and capitalize on the flaws, the government discovers its own weaknesses and establishes new rules Benefiting the majority. The same governing body establishes a healthcare system and informs us of our illnesses, furthering explaining we cannot survive without their healthcare system.

Our church leaders, while no longer sleeping with political leaders as in the days of old, developed rules established by the governing bodies which were the church: religious leaders and political leaders. The Church as we know it today, was developed by a ruler whom wanted more taxation in the community. While the uproar spread amongst the community, the ruler developed a religious body that would allow people to pray that things would one day get better, while giving more money to the church body which funneled back to the ruler and gave them false hope. Little did they know that the only true church was within and the keys to heaven were already available. Many masters have descended upon earth to give ‘the people’ hope, only to be crucified for spreading truth.

Sad but true the governing bodies upon this earth do not want us to know who we really are. What they do not want us to know is that the Divine resides within us and always has. We have the ability to create things out of single thoughts, including our own healing process. If we are created in the likeness of our creator, then do we not have the ability to create a more homeostatic life. As within, so without. The world around us is merely a creation of our own conditioned thoughts. If we are suppressed on an individual level, then whole continents are suppressed. By establishing a governing body, we control the majority.

The Warrior gratefully sends thank you letters to all leaders of power, thanking them for the many lessons provided. Further informing them that a revolution is about to begin and their dictatorships will no longer be tolerated. The dictatorships of the government…gone; dictatorships of the religious body…gone; dictatorships of healthcare foundation…gone. Their will be children who rise up against these machines and will begin a revolution of Love, Light and Life. They will be known as “Children of the Revolution.” The Warrior smiles for he has seen the future and it just got brighter, as the new renaissance begins.

Today the Warrior Steps into the Canvas with a brighter glimpse of what is to come. The days of suffering have dissolved and the days of hope are upon us: No longer do we have to pray for hope, it shall be so; No longer do we have to pray for happiness, it shall be so; No longer do we have to pray for peace, for it is already here.

Step into the Canvas with a new view of the world…See peace as already arrived. Love within, so without. A new day has come for Warriors across the globe to unite in a Brotherhood of Peace.

Falling into the Canvas

It is not enough to take part in the Canvas of Life, but more important to fall into the canvas with whole heart and soul. What does it mean to fall into the canvas? It means not just stepping into the canvas while actively participating in the canvas, but being and active participant with continuous intention of actively participating in the canvas AND creating the life that is most Desired while enjoying every aspect of the canvas.

From the darkened clouds painted on the canvas to the neon fluorescent and radiating colors, we are to create the lives as we choose not as others choose. Whenever a painter paints it is through his own interpretation of the Universe, but when others analyze His work they attach their own interpretation.

If we only see one side of the painting, we miss the creator’s intent. See the beauty of all the varying colors/varying interpretations and lose yourself in the many mysteries that lay before you in the canvas.

Where does one begin? Put down the blackberry. Hang up the cellphone. Stop texting for moment. Just sit and ‘be’ for a moment, allowing the true nature to fill your soul. Can’t do it?! Then take a weekend and spend some needed time in the woods. Maybe it is time for a retreat?!

It is about taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature…returning back to Mother Earth and being one. Many will oppose this idea, but eventually will need some necessary downtime or as I like to call it…’Me Time.’ during this me time is the one way we can bridge the gap between us and the Universe.

Stepping Into the Canvas choose to fall into it with whole heart and soul. Lend a hand, an ear or a friendly smile. Do what you want today not what others say ‘you should’ do. Stay away from the trap of pleasing others, but please only yourself. Today I will not only step, but will fall into the canvas.