What for questions do they exist?

Answer me answer they.

Now or then, here and now.

What for questions do they exist?

Without nothing. Presents everything.

Question everything or question nothing,

One will create and other decay.

What for the questions do they exist?

Enter the mind spinning on the hamster wheel.

If not now then when?

What for the questions do they exist?

Monkey-mind and ten thousand things.

Silence…wherefor did these answers come?

In questions is the answer, in silence it is heard.

Ani Po

A businessman holding an umbrella in a storm.

Asking The Right Questions

Stepping into the Canvas with questions. As we question everything, answers are given as needed. If we fail to receive the answer, we may need to re-arrange the question. The law of attraction will deliver every time…but choose our words wisely we must. Often times we ask for strength and the universe gives us more difficulties, providing more lessons of strength. Be specific! Ask directly for that which we desire and the delivery will be made. Re-directing our questions…re-directing our lives.