Our Dream Becomes a Masterpiece

Life is nothing but a dream, and if we are artists, then we can create our life with Love, and our dream becomes a masterpiece of art.~Don Miguel Ruiz

The inherent ingredient is found nowhere else on the planet but within ourselves and has been placed within our own hearts. Taking time to see what makes us tic, what brings us most joy, is not enough. Seeing it and acting upon these dream… that is the masterpiece waiting to be born.

Our dream becomes a masterpiecePic by Best-wallpaper.net



Did I Live this Day as the Best Day Ever?

The question one must ask…did I live this day as the best day ever?~Ani Po

best day everWe cannot go a day without encountering an unfriendly or another golden opportunity to share loving kindness. It is not how they treat us that determines who we are, but it is in the reactions we give them. We can be emotionally attached to their words or we can merely let them go. In letting them go, we are listening to the words or actions while taking proper steps to guard against darkened tongues.

Don Miguel Ruiz gives ancient Toltec wisdom while teaching the “Four Agreements.” My favorite of these agreements is “never take anything personally.” This single lesson removes all attachment to negative words by our transgressors. In letting their words remain meaningless, we are free to be as happy as can be. In the process, hopefully the unfriendly will be infused with a hint of happiness…setting off a time-bomb towards happiness.

One never really knows what to expect in life.

We may never live to see tomorrow,

Or we may never get to see the sun set again.

The question one must ask…did I live this day,

As the best day ever?

When the world tries to knock the wind out of us,

We must stand tall and breathe the breath of life.

Calmly walk forward making every step count.

Do this and our reward will await us.

Do this and no one can harm us again.

For me, I have been spat upon, kicked and dragged through the mud

Ten fold, but I will not allow them to conquer me.

I will quietly send them blessings and pray that one day they find happiness.

For them, happiness is in the numbers,

For me it is all around.

I cannot be more grateful for today,

For I know that I gave my best day ever.

There will be no one to judge me,

But it shall be known by me and my beloved.

I thank you Father for showing me the way,

I hope that others will follow suit.


Whatever our encounters of the day, they are opportunities of growth. Whether friend or unfriendly, every person has a lesson to bring. See these lessons and we shall know everything we need to know. Just as the blessing of a butterfly, we are blessed with gentle occurrences. Frightfully, we are just as blessed by the aggressive encounters of the tiger.

Stepping into the Canvas with Gratitude and more silent blessings. With every step into the Canvas of Life, may it be in gratitude. With gratitude in our hearts, even during difficult times, we find ourselves in a happier disposition…giving silent blessings. It is said…those hardest to Love need the most Love…why not share Love and compassion with them?