Remain Unattached

Remain unattached from what we think we need to do.~Ani Po

There really is nothing we need to do, we merely feel we have to. Listen to what the body says. Our body will give subtle clues as to what we aught to do next. We needn’t do anything but listen to what our body says beneficial.

Whether it is physical fitness, healthy eating, or daily situational events, our body will give us subtle clues as to what feels right to us. Go with that. Whatever feels good…follow it. If it no longer feels good, stop it. Just as our reality changes so do our decisions of life…

The root of suffering is attachment.~Buddha

remain unattached

Along the Road to Truth

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.~Buddha

It is through personal observation we come to a common conclusion…there is no right or wrong. We are taught what is and what is not, but only a perception of such. However, when it comes to knowing our truths and a deeper understanding of these, we instinctively come to a knowing that it is better to try no matter the expected outcomes.

Through applied efforts, we rest easier knowing we gave everything we had. If it does not turn out the way we expect, then we try again. But how many times do we try? As many times as we choose or the expected outcome takes place. Just as the above quote states, the only mistakes are not going all the way and not starting.

Stepping into the Canvas, with decisiveness in our step, we explore the infinite possibilities as to what or where we are going.  May this be the day we choose to change our footing; may this be the day we choose infinite possibilities; may this be the day that all is attained.

along the road to truth