Shining Forth Unto Me

Sitting at the shores, reflecting shadows upon thee. Smiling, Shining forth unto me.~Ani Po

Our deepest fears lay within our souls, but quietly we cast them into the sea. As the waters settle, thus our fears settle into calmness. As we gaze upon the calmness of the waters we are returned once more to that peaceful place. Go to the shores, go to that inner peace…

Shining forth unto me


Drink at the Springs of Antiquity

By tall trees a century old, I breathe the fragrance of a myriad ages, I drink at the springs of antiquity…~Hsieh Ling Yun

During our darkest of times or the brightest of days, we need only look within the self to unlock the many discoveries of All there Is. Deep in contemplation, we are to receive exactly what is intended. With the aide of nature, we are quick to hear the voices of the ancient ones, the seers, the sages, allowing us to see in a different light.

Hsieh Ling Yun Quote