Being Consumed By Our Days

It is very easy to get caught up in our daily events, daily activities, or routines. The object is not to get consumed. Whether it be fun, work, or of the like…it is essential to not be consumed by our day.
However scientific data shows, that by excitation or consumption by a very topic, our brain waves are firing at a level of learning. As we are excited we are growing, thereby if we are consumed by something we enjoy we are truly growing. To what extent? What extent do we take our consumption and how far do we go?

Our boundaries are usually established very quickly, and we can choose to stay within the boundaries or we can dare to stretch them. When we choose to live the life we love, we are consumed by the love for life. A word of caution…being consumed can be detrimental; Being consumed can be advantageous to our lives.

Be consumed but don’t be consumed… Enjoy the canvas before you.

~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas while being consumed. Being consumed by nature’s beauty, favorite activities, favorite people, or whatever fills us with more Love. Whatever the case, enjoy every aspect the canvas has to offer. The possibilities are endless, the beauty…breath-taking.

Change Of Seasons

As another season comes to a close…another begins. Look around and see the changes all around: fall colors, leaves falling, and everything else as such. They key to enjoying the seasons is being open to them without fretting over the coming months.
We are not any different from the trees around us or the animals preparing for winter. Those who go with flow of change shall have happiness. Those who fight it shall find discomfort. We are to go with the natural order of things, allowing the natural change to occur… just as in the seasons.

As the waves of the ocean ebb and flow, so shall we. ~Ani Po

Stepping into the canvas enjoying the many changes. As the seasons change so do we. Allowing the natural flow of things, we change in the natural order of things. Allow this change… And allow happiness to fill your being.