From Nowhere To Now Here

Not sure if this happens to you, but as I cycle through life there are feelings of “what am I doing?” Does this happen to you? Do you ever feel that you’re lost with lack of purpose? Guaranteed…we all have purpose.

Even though I write about this daily…I too…fall victim to this poverty-mentality. Is it because I’m weak? Because I’m vulnerable? Or simply because I’m human? What ever the case, I observe these feelings, allowing them to be present and learn how to or how not to be.
It is like a self transformation: we feel we are going nowhere until we realized we are now here… Ultimately coming to a place of self-realization or now self.  These aha moments or not so aha moments can be very enlightening to us. When things don’t go our way, simply let them pass. As they pass we regroup, changing our daily events…our daily thoughts.

As the cycles continue our thoughts change, paralleled to our reality. Again, I reflect on my personal life…not sure if this happens to you, but being married with two children it is often difficult picking yourself up and getting back on track. With the many factors around you, affecting your choices and your thoughts, we must once again reevaluate our time management, changing our daily events. Restructuring time spent in our days. Allowing 20 to 30 minutes per day, we maintain true to ourselves and continue the journey inward from nowhere to now here… To now self.

If a loved one is struggling with their own dilemmas, offer them an ear, not suggestions. The greatest gift we can give to another is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or a hand to hold. We cannot solve everyone’s problems, but merely our own.

Stepping into the canvas of yet another painting. As we clear the canvas of another, we arrive at a more beautiful day. The sunshine lighting the way to a happy and joyous day. We can hold onto old paintings, or we can paint a new reality of our dreams. From Nowhere…to now here…finally to now self. You are so worth it…why not take the trip inward now?!

My Favorite Time Of Year

As fall approaches, it reminds me of my favorite time of year. Rustling of leaves, turning of colors, cooler days, and pumpkin-apple cheesecake. I have also identified that fall is very powerful, for reasons I cannot understand…I just seem to be more in tune with the world around me. Some of my astrologer friends may have a better idea of why my energy peaks, feeling like I could tackle the world. This morning…an aha! moment… How do I take this special time of year and stretch it through the year? With a mere thought.

It is as simple as that. With my thoughts, my reality takes course. If I continue to say, “this is my special time of year”…then it will be reserved for only this time of year. If however, I wake up every morning, claiming this as my favorite day…with an echo of Winnie the Pooh…It takes Flight.

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

~ A.A. Milne

As we wake up each morning, start with gratitude…gratitude for another day. Then may the next thoughts be that of our friend Pooh. A fresh start awaits us each morning…why not start it with a thought of “this is my favorite day.” Starting each day on this foot, sets into motion a re-wiring of our brain..leading us to a glorious day. With thoughts of gladness, we have actions of this.

As we continue through our day, we may get tripped by someone’s negativity. It is at this time we simply center ourselves in thoughts of having a good day. No matter what the world shall throw at us, by applying these simple actions…we can set the stage for a wonderful day…everyday of the week, month, year.

At the close of each day…give thanks. Giving gratitude for another glorious day. If it was a challenging day, then what a great time to give thanks for the wonderful lesson provided to us. Whether perceived as good or bad…guaranteed there is always something to be grateful for…we just have to focus on it.

Stepping into the Canvas with Gratitude. Gratitude for the wonderful changing seasons, the glorious new beginnings and the wonderful opportunities for growth. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not the opposing. See everything as a gift and there will be a present awaiting you each and every day. This is my favorite day!