Openness To A Changing Reality

Whether you are the one percent who thinks he is right or the other ninety-nine percent who thinks the same, either way you are right. Our reality is just that…our reality. In an ever-changing universe however, this rule applies to today only. Today our reality is this, but tomorrow it shall be that. When we think we are right today, the Universe proves us wrong on the next day. Stepping into the Canvas with an openness to a changing reality. As our reality is one way, the universe changes once more…only to redefine our own reality. Be open to change…for it is the only constant reality. Have a Syncrosensational Day!

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Stepping into the Canvas seeking beauty. Those who find beauty in another, finds beauty within themselves. Those who see beauty within the mirror, likewise the same. If all we seek in the world is imperfections, pointing out theflaws…that is all we will ever see. See beauty in the outer Canvas…see it within the Canvas. Have a beauty-filled day!