Intentions to Reality

While thought is important, it is the actions which follow that bring our intentions to reality.~Ani Po

While both are important, it is our actions that speak a thousand words. Without the right actions our thoughts fizzle out…never making it to fruition. Dream and dream big, but know these dreams to be attainable…that is the missing link to our own reality. With a little faith we go from knowing it to be true to KNOWING IT TO BE TRUE…

hand hold against blue sky


Being All You Can Be

Each precious moment of your life in which you are frozen with fear is a moment when you are not being all you can be.~Rhonda Britten

Too often we hear people with excuses as to why they can or cannot do something. Worse they remain in fear or stressed by a given situation, due to the conditioned response of remaining in fear. Letting go of this fear, we find ourselves in a place of true freedom…freedom to live in a field of Infinite Possibilities.

being all you can be