Living in Paradise

Whether we choose to see hell on earth or heaven on earth, either way we are correct. It merely comes to a choice…what is it that we want? Do we want happiness in our lives, igniting a spark of the divine with in our being? or do we prefer to remain in a fiery inferno of hate, fear and other negativity?
It truly is our choice as how we perceive this world. Do not look to the streets for the answers of today, instead look to the stars for the answers that lay within. We are surrounded by negativity, but also surrounded by positivity. Which we choose to see, is our choice. Why not choose the latter of the two?
When we focus on the positive side of things, we enter into a realm of unlimited possibilities or infinite potentiality. Carlos Castenada refers to this as ‘The Active Side of Infinity.” Think about that for minute…and then come back to read the rest.

… to access the field of pure potentiality is through practice of non-judgment. Judgment is the constant evaluation of things as right or wrong, good or bad. When you are constantly evaluating, classifying, labeling, analyzing, you create a lot of turbulence in your internal dialogue. This turbulence constricts the flow of energy between you and the field of pure potentiality. 

~Deepak Chopra
When we focus on what we truly want in life, opening a door to unlimited possibilities, we essentially tap into the Life Force that co-creates our every desire. This Life Force is always working. Unfortunately it is the same force that co-creates what we do not want in our lives, cautioning us to really focus our intent on what we do want in our lives…not what we do not.

Focusing on the negative side of infinity visually impairs us into seeing hate,

fear and destruction,

leading us to our own decay.


Changing our perspective to the active side of infinity, we are born into unlimited Life Possibilities…igniting a fire within. The fire within is the beginning to a raging forest fire, clearing all negativity from our dashboard of life. Planting New Life, we harvest a bit of Heaven on a daily basis.
Stepping into the Canvas on the Active Side of Infinity, creating the life we always dreamed of. Cancelling our subscriptions to old paradigms of thinking, we subscribe to a new thought process. This process is not concerned what others think, what everyone else is doing or what suffering is going on in the world. No…the new thought process…is in this simple question…What is it that I want? Own it…and you too shall be Living in Paradise.

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas with Spirit as your guide. May vibrant, resilient optimism fill your being, giving you comfort and nourishment for your soul. With each step fix your gaze on Love, leaving the rest to the Painter of The Canvas.