Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Stepping into the Canvas seeking beauty. Those who find beauty in another, finds beauty within themselves. Those who see beauty within the mirror, likewise the same. If all we seek in the world is imperfections, pointing out theflaws…that is all we will ever see. See beauty in the outer Canvas…see it within the Canvas. Have a beauty-filled day!

Beauty Within

It is said that our biggest enemy lurks within our own mirrors, sabotaging our true self from being loved. We gaze upon the mirror, judging relentlessly. The beauty is…this same mirror holds our greatest ally captive, we need only see Her in her truest form.

We return to Ani Po, as she recently visits a Pilgrim, which we shall know him as Tidak Sini.

Note: Tidak Sini is Malay for “Not Here.” Ani Po is Hebrew for “I am Here.” While the Warrior shall be called Ani Po, it seems only fitting to call the pilgrim Tidak Sini (not here).

As Ani Po entered Tidak’s home, She heard a whisper…”Be Open…Go Beyond.” At the sound of the wind, She knew this visit was no mistake.

Ani Po: “Hello friend! What are you doing?”

TIdak: “Nothing, just covering up all of the mirrors in my house.”

Ani Po: “Why?”

Tidak: “Because I am tired of seeing my face in the mirrors. I have done so many bad things in my life and ashamed. I judged people, called them bad names, and deliberately harmed them.”

Ani Po: “I am sorry to hear this.” Reaching forward, placing hand on His shoulder, as to say it was ok.“But you are human and we all make mistakes.”

TIdak: “But I cannot forgive myself for what I have done.”

Ani Po: “Would it make you feel better If I forgave you? Have you thought about going to your abused and asking for forgiveness?”

Tidak: “No! I cannot.”

Ani Po: “You could ask ‘Great Spirit’ for forgiveness. Once we step into the Light of forgiveness, we are forgiven. Return to the old ways and we shall not. Removing paint-covered mirrors, only allows the true self to be seen. Why not remove the paint, ask for forgiveness and learn to Love the enemy within? See the enemy within as ally, and the enemy without shall become one too. What or how we see ourselves is how we see the other pilgrims around us.”

Tidak: “So, are you saying I should learn Love within to have Love without?”

Ani Po: “Exactly what I am saying. Our inner beauty is exactly that and it takes a bit of chiseling to uncover the many layers of paint we have applied to our mirrors. When I walked in today, I heard a whisper that said Go Beyond.’ I think that message was for you, going beyond what you see…

To look into a mirror,

can be scary.

One will see the true self,

aged and worn.

Look past what we see,

find the beauty others see.

Why do we see their beauty,

but fail to see our own?

See what I see…for I see a divine being who is loved.

Look into thy mirror,

see the magnificence.

Look into thy mirror,

see the beautiful creation.

The person staring back,

either be friend or fo…the choice is ours.

The person staring back,

creates heaven on earth.

Or, the opposing,

if that is what they choose.

See what I see…for I see a divine being who is loved.

Ani Po knows all too well…we can cover the mirrors for a temporary fix, but eventually  looking deep within our souls, unlocking our true-self.

Stepping into the Canvas of our own reflection, seeing the Canvas of Life as we see fit. We can choose to see grief and sadness or happiness and exhilaration as our guide. While Pilgrim sees only the surface, Warrior sees deep within the soul. Seeing deep within, she Loves deep without.

Today…how will you see yourself? How will you see your Canvas?