The Visitor

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The Visitor

Meerkat’s unexpected exchange

Photo by Pauline Bernfeld on Unsplash

Meerkat has been expanding her habitat further and further, making further connections with other meerkats and animals alike. Digging a larger hole to call home, with multiple entrances and exits to a centered place with sixteen feet to roam.

Alone, although the community is always there, the Meerkat wonders why nobody has come to her aid. Now sick, with trouble breathing. Drowning in her thoughts, Oljita arrives in the form of another meerkat.

What is it, sister? Why the sudden exclusion of others?

I have given my last breath away, and I am unsure I have any left.

My dear sister, we are connected to the Great Spirit, the breath of all breaths. Our thoughts are with All There Is, and we need only sit with our thoughts, thanking them for wisdom come. 

I can’t. I fear I have nothing more.

As Meerkat spoke the last word, Oljita transformed into a Dragon’s form.

Dragon speaks:

You have given your last breath in these lungs of yours. Now I will remove that which no longer serves. With these new lungs, there is an unlimited breath for you to share amongst your people and others alike. 

With a mighty swipe, Dragon clawing out the remains of pruning bags of deflated hope — breathes a cleansing, sealing breath for all days to come. Purifying the space, taking his lungs and placing them into the purified space of Meerkat.

With a sealing breath, Dragon breathes a prayer of unlimited strength, unlimited resources, and everlasting belief in All There Is.

With this new day, we will tighten our circle. Serving all, without depletion of self, but knowing when to enter this sacred space of All There Is. With time, sacred space, this moment in time, our being expands to unceasing prayer throughout the day.

But what have I learned?

A songbird sings because a songbird sings. Likewise, a giver gives because a giver is a part of something greater — sorting through the depleting thoughts, focusing on an unlimited resource, our footing takes us where we need to go. With time, we will know where our attention flows.

Sitting with my own, hearing similar stories of others, we honor these depleting thoughts. Drained beyond oblivion, left with no thoughts but I am All There Is.

Breathing for the first time, and many more just like before. New life, new expansion, new understanding.

 Greater is the will, greater is the Breath of Life. As I am here, Meerkat is there. Together we learn, together we grow.

Thank you Marilyn Glover, and the whole Third-Eye-Gypsy family, for holding this sacred space.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

One Man Hears

One Man Hears

Spirits calling by name

Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had only taken a certain path? We often reflect on the past and the outcomes that may have been if we had taken a different course in life. Whether we dwell on them or Revel in the ideas…they will define our future.

Dwelling on the past, we remain there…in the past…looking to the past. Allowing these ideas to grow into gratitude for where we are in life… a brighter future emerges.

This next story is about a man building an empire only to find emptiness…

For the sake of this story, there was a man we shall call Bill who wanted to make a big name for himself. He wanted to leave his mark. After much building of a massive empire, Bill found himself lost.

At the age of twenty-three, Bill decided to open a business. He was a home brewer by hobby but soon became a microbrewery owner. He built his company around his beer, and the marketing took off on its own. In ten short years, Bill was one of the top micro-brewers in the country. He began expanding brewery locations across the country. His profits climbed exponentially by doing so, and he began to rub elbows with the one percent. Bill had multiple residencies and numerous yachts parked across the shores of our country.

One day, Bill decided to take his yacht from the Ports of West Palm Beach and go to the tropical islands. Halfway there…something hit him. He realized that he was alone and still felt empty inside. This void could not be filled by the money coming in. Instead, he needed to dig deep within to find true happiness.

Bill counts the many automobiles in his collection but realizes that he only has one butt to sit upon. He takes more than he needs and realizes it is time to give it all away. Wishing he made more, he set out to build his empire…only to be left out at sea…alone.

At the moment of his despair, he collapsed in prayer…with closed eyes. Praying for a more suitable life, giving back to humanity instead of taking. Opening his eyes…he was in a quiet town in Massachusetts; He was now married with two children, working a humble job. Answering his prayers, Bill receives a second chance…He finds His Way. Was this a dream? Or was this a glimpse of where he would have been had he taken a given path? Bill now observes his current life, and he feels whole once again.

Bill reflects on the past, not with despair of what it could have been, but with gratitude for who he has become. Living a humble life…he is made whole. He is Love; he is Loving…he is on purpose. Knowing what Bill knows…he begins doing what he loves to do…serving others.

Establishing a center of hope, he has opened a doorway for others who have lost their Way. Offering counseling, spiritual guidance and connecting people with others who have found their Way. With not one ounce of regret in his being, only gratitude, he gives thanks for the many opportunities.

Over the next several years, Bill established the “Center for Hope” in all major metropolitan cities across America, helping even more pilgrims who had lost their Way. Bill could have taken a path for self-gratification and been left feeling empty, or he could have followed his heart…filling it to the core. Gladly he chose the latter and gave everything away…only to receive far more than he imagined…wealth beyond this world!

When we follow our hearts, in whatever avenues, we will assuredly receive everything we need to complete the task. Occasionally times change in our lives, and our passions change…we must regroup and prepare for change. Regrouping, we come to a place of Love…allowing our path to follow what we love to do…assuredly we will stay the course. The story of Bill is like many others in this world…we vicariously live our lives without thinking about what is important and come to a place of emptiness. Reflecting on our lives, we instantly align ourselves with a higher purpose. Bill had the opportunity to become a successful Brewmaster but holds no regrets. If he had taken that smaller opportunity, he would have missed out on a golden opportunity…service to humanity. If he had taken Brewmaster’s path, he might have found a successful life…but would he have found happiness?

With gratitude in our hearts, we attract more to be grateful for.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas with Love in our hearts. With Love as our guide, arriving exactly on time, when needed, and sharing The Way with others who have or have not found their Way. In Love, we are linked with a Syncrosensational Life; it is Love that leads us Home.

Going where all the others shall go
never missing out on action and fun.
Emptiness fills my soul
hearts calling for greater service to sun.

Empty slate, thoughts vacating
stillness, ever-beating heart returns.
Giving it all away, nothing held
abundant filled, bustling where spirit concerns.

~Ani Po

Thank you Diana C., Spyder, Ravyne Hawke, and the whole Know Thyself Heal Thyself family for holding this sacred space.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash