Observing All There Is

Letting go of the past, accepting the future, observing all there is.~Ani Po

Unattached from what will be, accepting what is…allowing all to be as it was written. Getting to this place requires trust, trust within one’s own self. Letting go of what had been told or what has been laid before us, we rewrite the Canvas of Life as we see fit.

Life is a dream, meant to float merrily down the stream. Let go of what direction we are to go, or possibilities of what will be…simply allow it to unfold. Following our hearts, we have a compass pointing the way.

Stepping into the Canvas with non-attachment. No longer bound by any structure or any rights or wrongs…merely following the Heart Compass. With a feeling deep within we shine without…allowing our heart to sing with universal chorus.

observing all there is



Learning to Trust

Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.~Isaac Watts

At first we learn to trust our parents, teachers, leaders…until our heart begins to sing louder than truths before. Ignore this song we fall into the masses. Accept this song, accepting a connection to all there is…allowing a Syncrosensational life to take form.

While trust is an issue from the start, learning to trust what we have been told. It is with greatest difficulty we break these bonds of current reality, allowing for a new Canvas to paint our path before us. Trust the song given to us, learn to sing in gratitude and we shall be forever free.

Stepping into the Canvas trusting that all is good. Regardless of the media coverage or the first glance appearance of things, we allow a deeper view to take form. Seeing passed the deformity of the world, the malevolence, we see all as it was created as pure as it was meant to be.

learning to trust