I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends

Stepping into the Canvas with a friend…for the Canvas of Life is much more enjoyable when shared. Call a friend, far or near, a loved one or someone you haven’t seen in some time. Lend an ear or receive the same, which ever it is more enjoyable with a friend. When the canvas is shared…we will find ourselves lighter and uplifted…singing I get high with a little help of my friends…Have a great day!

Looking Beyond The Mirror Of Life

Up and down the roller-coaster we go! One day we are up and one day we are down…we see suffering, we witness paradise. How we see the world is often a mirror image of what we see in our own mirror. To see paradise in the world, we must be able to see the divinity in the mirror of our soul.

To look into a mirror,

can be scary.

One will see the true self,

aged and worn.

Look past what we see,

find the beauty others see.

Why do we see their beauty,

but fail to see our own?

See what I see…for I see a divine being who is loved.

Look into thy mirror,

see the magnificence.

Look into thy mirror,

see the beautiful creation.

The person staring back,

either be friend or fo…the choice is ours.

The person staring back,

creates heaven on earth.

Or, the opposing,

if that is what they choose.

See what I see…for I see a divine being who is loved.


Stepping into the Canvas of our own reflection, seeing the Canvas of Life as we see fit. We can choose to see grief and sadness or happiness and exhilaration as our guide. While Pilgrim sees only the surface, Warrior sees deep within the soul. Seeing deep within, she Loves deep without. Looking Beyond the Canvas of Life…we see a mirrored paradise…as within, so without.