Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas painting the life you truly want. It is your Canvas to create, to harness, to share. Whether the Canvas is empty or filled with the most brilliant colors, it is yours to create! Enjoying all that the Canvas of Life has to offer, we find ourselves creating more effortlessly and counting the many blessings…

Thank You For Being The Ass That You Are!

Just because we encounter an unfriendly person, does not mean we have to return the favor. The world already has enough negativity in this world…the last thing we need is more negativity. By responding to their negativity with more negativity, leaves two angry people. Letting go of anger, holding onto peace, cultivating a positive environment.

These angry people are wise teachers, for they show us how not to be.  Indirectly they will show behavior that is far from our own reality. In doing so, we in turn learn how to be better people.

Ani Po grew up in a working class family and her parents were very strict. Often being told what to do verses being shown how to do it, she was often confused at how she should truly be. Further, her father was always negative and judgmental, ridiculing her often times in public.

It used to bother her that her parents were so hypocritical, but she knows the rest is up to her. She realizes that her parents did all they could to their own ability, based on their own reality. She is who she is because of the good and bad experiences. In seeing that, she is who she is today because of them. She now dissolves the perceived bad experiences.

One day listening to her father open up at how much guilt he carries for not doing enough for her. Ani Po replies, “You did everything you could for what you knew. It is now up to me to finish what you started. I thank you for the good and bad, for they have made me strong. You see it is in the good and bad times that I found strength, especially when you indirectly taught me how not to be…especially then! I do not claim to be better than you, just better than I used to be.”

Her father: “So, what are you trying to say?

Ani Po: “What I am saying is…thank you. Thank you for being the Ass that you were.”

They both shared a laugh and her father replied…”Your welcome…I guess.” In a way her father was at ease his little girl was all grown up and worthy of the title Warrior. Knowing what she knows and knowing what he knows, they are at peace with who they have become.

Stepping into the Canvas with gratitude. Gratitude for the brilliant colors and the not so brilliant colors upon the Canvas. For in the brightness, the beauty is easy to see; in the darkened colors, it is not so easy to see. Look deep with in the Canvas of Life and see the beauty that shines no matter where you be…don’t forget to thank your donkey!