Dying To Live

In each and everyone of us, there are two sides: a side afraid of death and a side willing to live. If we sit around dormant contemplating what could be versus taking action, bringing it to fruition, then it is said we are living a living death. However if we take action, living on active side of infinity, creating the life that we are meant to, then we are surely living life to the fullest.

Whether a Cancer survivor, AIDS victim, cardiovascular disease, diabetic, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis sufferer…and the list goes on…there are two types of warriors: one who submits to the disorder; one who stands up to fight. These are the ones who dare to live, these are the dog soldiers. Those willing to march into the face of death, declare…”I am not ready yet!”

For most of us…we go through life without ever thinking about repercussions of our actions, or what shall become later in life…never thinking about mastering our every action. Instead, choose to live this day as it’s our last. Some may not have a choice as it may be there last, but for some we do. Do we take life for granted? Do we put off what we think we should do? Where we capture this moment, seizing our dreams and manifesting them into our reality?

Happy are those who live in a state of Awe,

for they shall have an Awe-Some day!


This is the day our life will surely change. With each step forward, we arrive closer to our dreams. The first step often most difficult, but most fruitful. Look not on the outside for guidance…but within. As I write this, reflecting on the message repeating itself…Look within…So Shall it be.

Our days are meant to be filled with love and joy, not death and decay. Whenever our clock shall stop, may we look back…reflecting on where we’ve traveled. Did we accomplish everything we came here to do? Did we live a fruitful life? Did we live on purpose?

One day our clock will stop, seizing our every breath. On that day we shall declare… I am here. Dying to live, we live life to the fullest. Dying to live, we discover our true nature.

Stepping into the canvas living life to the fullest. This may be our last or just the beginning…whatever the case this is the day…The day your life will surely change. As we step out into the canvas today may it be with new eyes: eyes of compassion, eyes of love, eyes of a child…with so much life to live.

In Death We Find Life

With the death of a friend it can be very saddening and maybe even disheartening. This past week was one of those for me. I received a call from a friend that one of our friends had passed and services were being arranged. As if one wasn’t enough I received another call…another friend has passed.

The first call was saddening, but then the second hit home. Reality sank in on the second ring…we have no expiration date and can expire at any given moment. This message is not meant to bring grief to myself or anyone else, but remind you that we are here to live. Life is too short to argue over a remote control or yell at someone for doing something wrong. The truth of the matter…Life is too short to be anything other than happy!

With suffering all around, we are easily reminded of its reality…but this does not mean we have to dwell in it. Accept the suffering but get on with your life! Live it as if today was the last! What if today was your last? What would you do? Think about it for a moment and then shift your daily consciousness as if it were so.

Stepping into the Canvas with Purpose to Live. We are not meant to sit and rot away or indulge in processed foods. No! We are meant to enjoy the finer life the Canvas has to offer. Get outside today and go for a walk, a run, or just be in the moment of stillness. Whatever the case, enjoy the Canvas as simply as possible. It does not have to be complicated, it does not have to be filled with a schedule every second of the day. Just for today…throw the schedule away and Live today as your finest day ever! Enjoy the Canvas…