Tell Him your Plan

Ever have one of those days where you just didn’t know what to do? Or what you wanted to do and what actually transpires is far from expected? It can be pretty amusing if you think about it, as we try to stick to the “plan.” This weekend was one of those.

On Friday my intentions were to go a football game with my son and return home to clear my head, as I often do by writing. Often finding myself writing into the night, writing until I can’t keep my eyes open. This Friday did not present the opportunity to write, as if Universe had other things in mind. Submitting to this fact, I retired anticipating writing in the am.

Again, the Universe steps in and changes my plans. Spent the am running the kids to and fro, only to rush my son off to his football game where expected to work the chains on the sidelines. After a tough and grueling game I thought, “now’s my chance!” Again, universe speaks…and the night looked grim for writing. There is always Sunday…

So, it is Sunday andexhaustion sets in. My brain has shut down…the thought finally crossed my mind, “maybe I wasn’t supposed to write this weekend?!” I swear I amuse myself for being so stubborn…I should have seen this sooner, submitting to the fact that writing was not in the plan. This reminds me of a quote by Wayne Dyer, “want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated by not being able to get what you want done? Maybe it is to analyze or discern whether that is something you should be doing vs. not?! In my case I learned that maybe I should have taken the weekend off, not worrying about my latest Stepping Into The Canvas Facebook page. The lesson learned: I will need to get even more creative with my time. Whatever the case, I did eventually go with the flow and when I did Universe answered, “It is time.” Now I don’t want to, as I am too tired.

While the Pilgrim worries about timing and scheduling throughout his day, he continuously gets disappointed when things do not go his way while occasionally manifesting physical pain. The Warrior however remains in the flow, allowing whatever happens at proper timing, never getting disappointed and avoiding any mental or physical strain.

Stepping into the Canvas…recognize the signs presented to you, knowing when to submit to the call of Universe. While it is healthy to plan your days ahead, it is healthier allowing them to change. Being in the flow, we will surely arrive right on time…