Superinvolution from Inner to Outer and Back Again

Superinvolution from Inner to Outer and Back Again

Likewise outer to inner knowing — it was there from the beginning

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Sitting on a dead, rotten corpse of an old Sequoia, quieting the mind and all days before, pending ancient wisdom as if by courier’s arrival. Be still and know that I Am peace, love, and everything painted from unicorns to grizzly beasts of an unfriendly sort.

Buzz, little bee, stingers sheathing approach as if tired from South America’s journey — landing to rest but for a minute on opened flesh. Blistered in the sun, watering holes waiting for drunkard bizarre, piercing droplets and oceans of memories breath, taking what is needed.

Sharing flesh and blood with another, meditating on the entire cosmic approach of self and collective whole, awaiting guided steps from ancestral and masters alike, planetary message received.

“Thank you for sharing yourself at a time of this tiresome journey. Your generosity will be rewarded — following my brothers and sisters of flight and those who crawl through the night.”

Your attentive gaze, wistful thoughts, and open ears new found modus operandi, stage of your well-being — trust this, and ye shall not be led astray. Call to the winds, pairing waters with sacred stones, taking flight inwardly to the Akashic knowing of all things.

Fast forward through trials and tribulations apprehensive misleading misfortune, trusting the processes of death and rebirth — allowing all things return unto center. The time will declare itself anew with a deeper understanding of truths foretold and gifted unto thee.

That day has come to eat crow, witnessing deceit of another wounded soldier’s ambiguity-filled ill-intent, only to distract from the chosen path all along. Crooked roads meant for deeper exploration, leading once again to the zero-point reality of resetting self and redirecting attention to outwardly evolutionary shedding of skin and reptilian brain processing speeds.

Years are passing by, seeking golden eggs laid by favorable goose, falling short — nearly flat upon the face of an already broken soul lost within their mind. Quantum entanglement spreads her wings, invitation sent by mysterious’ shadows of the night stalking, or was it a squelching of sorts, kicked right in the Gulliver’s privately owned fork in the road.

Revolutionary tips her hat, giving signs from the bull-pen, the pitch is up, involution knowing — a pre-existing condition of mind, body, and spirit colliding at light speed’s superinvolution from inner to outer cosmic returning favorable means, likewise outer to inner knowing — it was always there from the beginning.

~ Ani Po

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Thank you Jean Carfantan for this prompt, as I allowed it float away and return with its own wings of understanding. With no decoder ring, as Marcus likes to call it, I leave it to the reader — expanding their own consciousness/understanding of self and words hovering on the page.

The Wave

Explore the Universe then integrate it to your roots

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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Transmuting Thought from Pain to Tranquility We are Free

Transmuting Thought from Pain to Tranquility We are Free

Watering our Garden of Compassion

Photo by Chase Yi on Unsplash

Fall from atop the maple trees, wind in sails knocking out every breath, helplessly looking up at another broken sky. Floodgates watering spouts, nourishing life’s pain inflicted upon self-squirrelly forgotten playful songs.

Planted seeds of hope and tranquility growing between the stranglehold of weeded thoughts, battle of the gardener’s fever-toil in fertile grounds of possibility. Plucked one — a thousand more suffocating vines of death amidst the Great Mystery, laying them out as not to be forgotten, there for all to see upon the sleeves.

Uncle Bill, childhood friend’s gone-too-soon, the brick wall’s barricading life from seeing the light of day, smack of a Mack truck eighteen-wheeler running over our dreams and aspirations. Bare witness to the all, good, bad, and the ugly truth, survived yet another barrage and carnage of soul’s fleeting energy.

Enter the self, sacred space reserved for one, puffing on smoky Joe’s mysterious Cosmic Dance with alpha and omega — present in all the disfiguring faces foretold by the beholder of creative power handed down by the poets before. Breathe in quenching thirst, squelching forbidden memories whilst watering the hole in our heart.

Outwardly vines, vibrational pull, filling space for a new episode of life’s Great Mysteries. Open arms, reaching to heaven’s breath, magnetic polls attracting more of our greatest desires, all the while remembering the steps bringing into a present tense.

The golden globe is rising in the East, the daily promise of tomorrow’s bountiful cornucopia of reality spent in the present visionary animation that is true to self and collective well-being. Filling cup, watering canister in hand, a cleansing spirit of future generations, spreading love’s true home on pasture’s undertow of soul-filled strength and nonce within unconditional.

Henceforth, forever shall it be, wind-filled breathtaking songs flowing through the physical. Carrying sans fear-ridden hold of past and future’s untold stories, intoning planetary natural aligning thoughts, painting a brighter future, lighter and freer than the day before.

~Ani Po

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Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become the greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.~Rumi

There is a sense of non-attachment here. When we attach to material or nonmaterial, we open ourselves up for pain and suffering. Letting go of all expectations, we allow ourselves to move freely past a said unfortunate moment. Instead of suffering, we learn and grow from the present circumstances.

Setting intentions for the day, week, or even longer, our thoughts are set in motion for unlimited possibilities. Rejoice along the way, whether as expected or not so much. Through the process of setting intentions, we are painting a masterpiece upon the Canvas of Life.

Stepping into the Canvas painting with an open heart. We are here to create, observe, rejoice and repeat it all over. Sing and Dance, laugh and play, remaining in balance along the way.

Thank you J.D. Harms and all of the Scrittura family for sharing in this moment of time, lovely prompts and encouraging words.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash