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Stepping into the Canvas is about taking the first steps into the Canvas of Life. It is said that God is the creator and nature is His Canvas. In a world of technologies, distractions and light-speed evolution, we are left to remain in the dark. Truth is laid before us, falsely, by our collective whole. You are invited to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. We are not meant to be suppressed and controlled, fearful and miserable, alone and scared, hateful and destructive. No, instead we are meant to be free. Free to Love unconditionally, creating the life we were meant to enjoy. Instead of divide and conquer, we shall come together as one. My intent is to share my thoughts in this blog, so that it provokes others into a self-discovery of themselves. While I have found happiness in my life, my hopes are to charge my viewers to see a different side to their current situation. It is said there is a spiritual solution to every opportunity, why not give it a try. I am a Father, Husband, Friend and Brother, a Healer, a Teacher, and a Student. Enjoy studying energy works, self-realization, Love in Action, and just the nuts and bolts of how things tick. Please feel free to look around and Share away! Much Love to you and Peace Profound...Joseph

Making Today Count

Making Today Count

Photo by Ian Flores on Unsplash
Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Darkness Shadowing Light

Darkness Shadowing Light

Remaining focused on the Giver of Light

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Drawn to the darkest aspects of collective revelations — no more driven by fear or painful misery — accepting a lighter approach to daily living. Once bitten — serpents tempestuous song — decades of sorrow, life-ending pleas.

Familiar is the fleeting thought — protecting the innocence of inner knowing — calling of another voice from high on the Mount of Olives. Negotiating contractual rights — existing in plain sight — hidden from those drinking the collective drink.

Bittersweet — a pungent turning of spoiling flesh — a serpent shedding its skin — bathing in cleansing waters. Floating amidst the ancient ones — emitting crystalline wafting wafers — left for consumption of those willing to plunge deeper.

Into the cosmos — self-realizing truths — inner to outer rings of furthest galaxies, it is so. As above, so below — as it was spoken before — as real today as before.

Acknowledging the flesh-eating, self-defeating thought — accepting the easement into the greatest ease. As one wing leads to the left, the other right — remains indifferent to the whole aviary flight.

We are the whole bird — darkness shadowing light. No longer attentive to the despairing clouds — remaining focused on the giver of light.

~ Ani Po

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash