Through Eyes of Spirit

Through eyes of Spirit our reality is changed.~Ani Po

If we choose to see things as we normally do, through eyes of Ego…then we are left disappointed as usual. However, changing our sight as through the heart…we see things anew.

Stepping into the Canvas changing eyes we see through. We may not be able to change our current situation, but assuredly we can change how we witness. Whether through pain and despair or laughter and joy, merely a choice it is…

through eyes of spirit



For Change to Take Place

For change to take place, we need only believe.~Ani Po

For in a single thought our reality housed. Whether we see change as a possibility or fall short in sight. It stems in our belief of an idea. We need only believe in change and it is so.

Stepping into the Canvas seeing and believing. For it is in thought an idea created and belief it grows to maturity. Questioning or doubting, the idea begins to decay. Believing wholeheartedly and it is given healthy environment of growth. See it, believe it and know it to be true…for the Canvas of Life is merely a dream…

For change to take place