Clarity of All Things

Off to nowhere,

I arrive.

With no direction,

Only inward.

It is not I who sees,

But another through me.

I give up,

Turning everything over to thee.

As the watcher over me,

Sits perched applauding my return.

As with each of my steps,

Flight is given unto me.

Breath in,

I step.

Breath out,

I jump with both feet in.

Letting go,

Spirit flows through.

Allowing what will be,

It shall be made so.

The watcher over me,

Sits perched high above.

Watching, applauding…

Taking my hand as we sore.

Soaring to higher heights,

Clarity of all things is made known.

Stepping into the Canvas with Clarity of all things. The road to paradise while long and painful at first does it seem, much easier with submission to my Maker, Creator of the Canvas of Life. Whilst I have been freed, I go wherever I am called…

Clarity of all things



Dream a New Dream

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.~C.S.Lewis

There truly is nothing to be done, but without goals we have no plans. No plans we risk remaining sedentary. Sedentary…decay sets in. Dare to dream, dare to create…dare to bring the impossible to possible.

dream a new dream