Key to Happiness

The key to happiness is not on anybody else’s key ring but our own.~Ani Po

Look not to others for the answers and look not to any facility to help us, but instead look inward asking for divine guidance. Ask and ye shall receive, go inward and it shall be made known.

Stepping into the Canvas with Key in hand or in this case key in heart. Whilst quieting the mind, opening the heart, we shall come to know all we seek. We have the key and we are the key to unlocking our own dilemmas. Know this…for it is true…

key to happiness

Rejoice Each New Day

Holidays are not reserved for specific days but for everyday.~Ani Po

There are many celebrated holidays in varying groups. Much emphasis is spent on that moment or day, failing to appreciate all of the days that led up to these or those which follow. Why do we reserve it for one day or a handful of days, when everyday within the Canvas of Life is special?

As for me…I will rejoice each new day…pretending like that day is a special holiday…