The Beauty of Failure

The beauty of failure is learning from it.~Ani Po

While today was a difficult day, I am witness to lack of control…rising to the challenge of remaining calm.

Have you ever had a trying day, by noon you are wishing the day would end? If so, stay calm, hold true to thyself and remain in the task at hand. If it is another person who tries your patience, let it go…smiling, further bringing light a dismal situation.

Stepping into the Canvas centered in one’s happiness. Centering in happiness, we may be challenged but forever remaining in happiness. People will question us, people we think differently of us…stay the course. Be happy, remain happy…share the happiness wherever you may go…

The beauty of failure

New Directions Await

Just when I thought I knew it all…I realize I know very little. New directions await and new destinations at foot.~Ani Po

Today’s reality is just that…today’s. Whether it is going as planned or not so much, more opportunity awaits in the tomorrow’s of our days. If we remain in the misery of today, we may never get to the mystery of tomorrow. Let go of what holds us down, knowing deep down…all will be good…