Connecting to Source

Connecting to Source…questions are answered.~Ani Po

This morning, gazing into the Eastern Skies, I was reminded of cyclical patterns we humans have. The Crescent moon, as if pointing down from Source, informed me that questions are about to be answered.

Not sure if you recognize these in your own daily life, but we all have them. Some say it is a reflection of the astrological charts and some say it is a normal cycle we all have. Regardless of who is right, this time is significant, feeling closest to source. The crescent moon always reminds me of a thumbnail, that of source, pointing down to me…asking me to sit quietly…and wait…for things are about to get exciting…

Connecting to Source

When that Inner Voice Calls

When that inner voice calls….Listen!~Ani Po

For thirty-four years I rode an up and down roller coaster ride of life…until one day I heard a voice. That voice is an inner calling we all have, but too often fail to heed its words.

It was not until I consciously chose to listen, the ups and downs dissipated. They still surface periodically, but far less and short-lived as they once were. Once more, taking a step into the Canvas, my physical ailments are near non-existent. I say, near non-existent as more shadows surface…only to journal and learn from these feelings that have attached my past experiences.

I tried to ignore this voice at first, but only proved more detrimental to my self-worth. Listening, my shoulders stood taller and the weight of the world no longer rode on my own self…

Inner Voice

Photo by: attackofthecute dot com