Checking Emotions At the Door

If today brings anxiety, or angst presents itself…stop for a moment…take a breath…allow it to pass. Whether it’s an important meeting or just a routine day, pause at the threshold…checking emotions at the door. As we let go of the baggage being carried, we step into our days with a new freedom, a freedom to breathe freely without fear. Without fear we make room for love, peace and joy. Stepping into the Canvas checking our emotions at the door. Have a glorious day!

Walking A Lonely Road

When we come to a place of self-realization, instinctively we let go of what others think. Letting go of what we think, we are accused of being crazy. Even our family or closest friends abandon us, as we walk a thin line between the physical and spiritual plains. Viewing us as crazy or insane, we are left alone, calling on Great Spirit at any time.

This path we have chosen…the path of self-actualization, is a thin line. A thin line between flesh and spirit; The narrow road that many traditions speak about. Walking with one foot in the real world and one in the spiritual, connected with the seen and unseen. The self-realized no longer ask why, but why not…adopting the natural law of order.

Does the thunder ask the rainbow to appear? Or lightning ask the same? No. The rainbow just emits unconditional love, shining her beauty upon a darkened sky. To the north…open skies, to the south…darkness…in between the Rainbow Bridge. The Warrior just shows up as needed and gives everything she has…away. When the self-realized has abundance flowing daily into their lives, they instinctively give more away.

Dare to walk the narrow path between inner and outer worlds, the path between flesh and spirit. The self-realized are in this world, but not of this world. Ridiculed, mocked, chastised…makes no difference to them…they have found all there is to know…and more. They remain on the lonely road, but no longer are they alone.

Stepping into the Canvas walking a thin line. One step in, one step out…following both inner and outer worlds towards paradise. In the vast openness, we find a narrow path leading to this place of paradise…stay the course…you are on the right path.