Whatever Calls Your Name

To be inspired is to be inspiring, to lack inspiration is to be bogged down by the day. Maybe it is time to surrender to the call of nature?!

Go and explore, see what has not been seen before…allowing a rekindling of beauty enter our being.

Hear the sounds of the birds calling, crashing of waves onto the break waters or just a subtle wind carrying a message of hope. Whatever calls your name…go and be with it. Spend some time in the wild and may your heart be cracked open wide with ever-flowing love.


Shutting Down

I will be honest…there are many days I feel I am done posting within the Canvas, but then someone reaches out in need and my quill begins freely writing what is needed for the day. Letting go of what I feel should or should not happen, I release the words back to the universe (and the Internet), knowing they will find their way to those in need.

Letting go of my own feelings, there is a greater feeling or desire to help others find their way. Don’t ask me where I am going! Don’t even ask my advice..I have no idea! Instead…look within your heart and see what is calling.

Stepping into the Canvas allowing for shutting down. Sometimes we have no other idea what to do next or an agenda for the day…these are those moments of solitude. It is in these moments that our greatest joys and ideas come from…go now…try it…try shutting down…Ani Po

shutting down