Our Becoming: self-inflicted or self-mastering the All

To the greater whole, Mother Gaia giving birth
the fourth cardinal point, seasonal changes the same
to the skies, papa resides, kissing mother with every step
inward self, creator joining at the center, core teachings unfold.

Those of the North, winter month’s inward journeys, spiritual health, wind calling name. The evergreen and cedars holding together, even in the hardest of winters forever green remaining. We look to the Elders, wisdom keepers, ancestral teachings, healing past and present traumas, wolf-spirit airing elemental.

Looking East, directional shift, and fire burning desire, giving thanks for darkened times, future brightening every step. Tobacco down mental wellness purity transfixed birthing, wild and free are we. Soaring heights Eagle flight patterns given sight, burning wildfires faded memory, ruminating as it may.

Southern borders, neighboring states of mind, summer moons sharing dance with sweetest of grassy meadows. Physical well-being, cerebral chatter fueling our every move, jejunity coming to end, rounds the corners, yet another seasonal, cyclical change.

Westerly winds, emotional wafting, sharpening gaze, fire in hearts we watch it burn. Cleansing deliberation, pausing to note, shadow self-casting forward, negative confutation, sage burning, clearing emotional waters, transmuting and calming seas.

Forgotten self, seeking council, heaven’s gaze returns
upper realms, brothers, sisters, distant galaxies
ancients, father-sky, heavenly hosts proclaim
averment becoming truth be told, It Is So.

Firmly planted seed, growing motherly love
steps kissing mother, humanities footprint are we
hearts elemental, directional shift, starting point once Cree
first nations, mother’s gift, Gaia embracing harmony.

Final point, self-centered, not to be mistaken
judgment remaining, non-existent reality forward movement
as in the beginning, such returning end, nucleic being
at our core, all things becoming, We Are Becoming.

~Ani Po

Just as the four cardinals landing at the sill, three more teachers presenting life lessons matriculate. At the core of our being, heaven-sent are we, Gaia’s nurturing self, Mother’s warm embrace, once divided, integrated unification, self-taught creative. Healing our own, sharing gifts societal shift at hand, an open invitation for the others, presenting consideration again.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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Observing the Observer




Vast universe of all there is.

Seeing not just self,

But the void.

Stars emerging,

Every galaxy.

No longer self,

But greater whole.

Feeling a pulsating,

Vibration of the universe.

Whispers of the universe,

Beating of Gaias heart.

Interrupted by a voice,

Somewhere of this plane.

“You need to be grounded!”
Observing the observer, observing the request, I comply…I Became the earth…Ani Po

Observing the Observer