Choosing Nothing

Choosing Nothing

The art of doing nothing

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

I close my eyes — shutting out the world
briefly, turning off the chatter
collective chaos is stirring our internal pot.

Having nothing more to stay — wishing
no longer to write — merely observing
holding space for the next to arrive.

It is lonely here — family and friends
following the guidance of missing out
the mentality has gone awry.

We remain in this space — non-existent
to those outside our writing expanse
unable to see how we view the world.

Terrible and misleading — warm and inviting
dependent on how open our arms remain
in the sanctity of our presence.

Accusations flying — across the room
with our thoughts of being something greater —
yesterday’s shit-storm of cyclical human behavior.

Rewriting the wrongs — of our past
future hopes that all will be as written
in the stars for centuries before and yet to come.

I, we, they — persistent are they
embracing nothingness
and everything in between.

~Ani Po

The art of doing nothing, does not imply laziness and actually doing nothing. It is an invite to get into sacred space, whenever possible, holding the lines for other seekers to find what they desire.

On the surface, it appears that we are doing nothing, but we are continuously holding sacred space for those trapped in the chaotic world of ‘should’ and ‘have tos.’

There is nothing, we have to do in this world but return to this place of knowing that all exists in a single thought, multiplied by the billions of others trying to sort through their understanding of what needs to be done.

Personally I have beaten myself up, for years, over having to have a purpose. Only to find that my purpose was already there. Accepting who I am and the path traveled, I have found everything led to this moment in time. My hopes, is that others come to this place of knowing and understanding.

We all have traumas to sort through, triggers to learn from, much work to be done. Or not! Do nothing, but accept that all things have led to this place in time.

Thank you Diana C., Spyder, jules, Ravyne Hawke, and Marcus aka Gregory Maidman for the continued wisdom you share, sacred space you hold and for keeping this family focused on our innate ability of healing Thyself.

Thank you to the writers who share personal experience, with taking the necessary steps to well-being. Like Rabih for sharing her scary moments, Mira Khatib for sharing her steps along the way and Frank Ontario for his continued work in sharing our own abilities to heal self and others around us.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

When the walls come tumbling down

When the walls come tumbling down

From self to worldly encounters, we plead

Photo by Patrick Schaudel on Unsplash

The world continues to spin with or without assistance — trapped by our existential belief or entrapment of collective truths — setting out to find another course. Stepping into the initiation of self-identifying realities — handed down by the ancient wisdom reserved for seekers pleading case before the cosmic hyperbole.

Bittersweet is the flesh binding trajectory — spirit calling to the winds of change — answers not but to echoing the pleas of families and communities’ pain-staking cry. We sit upon a sacred stump left by the Sequoia ripped from existence — a rotting corpse formidable to the meek unguided pilgrimage of a lonely path.

Holding sacred space — truth not fully translated to comprehension — Great Mystery calling upon those willing to walk away. Narrow is the way, open is the road — walking the solid yellow bordering this broken boulevard of dreams.

Devouring every book, attending every class — guru giving the nod to inner-knowing of what lay beyond the horizon. Stepping into the Canvas with a brush in hand — painting a new story-line, song-line, holding steady the bow in broken seas.

Self-inflicted wounds turn into self-healing songs shared with those willing to listen — afraid are they to step into the initiation of higher consciousness at first glance — accepting the path before them. Firmly standing ground, rocking and trembling with every step — into the unknown, they return, whence they came before spoken words.

On the threshold of being — contemplating muses, gathering thoughts — sharing in silence, peace deep within the soul — fragmented self, made whole. Observation greater than small — walls come tumbling down in grandiose proportions — bodies stacking up at the four corners of the globe.

Stand with me, dear ones holding space — sit with me, locking arms for this human race. Breathing in our troubled soul brothers and sisters — cleansing transmission of thought carried vibrational chorus line felt by very few.

~ Ani Po

No decoder ring, term penned by Marcus aka Gregory Maidman, but thoughts on emptiness this cloud-filled morn. When the world crumbles around us, and it probably has, we sit in quietude, holding space for those unable to.

Is it writer’s block? Sadness? Bleak outcomes for the week to come? Or is it an invitation to sit quietly, holding sacred space in knowing that all is present in love’s inviting tone. I will choose the latter and hope you will too.

These are my thoughts and maybe you relate or repel against these thoughts, that is ok. Thank you for sharing this moment in time.

Much gratitude for Diana C., jules, Spyder and Ravyne Hawke, along with this wonderful community KTHT.

I wrote the title with John Mellencamp coming to mind, hope you enjoy this song.

Universal timing, as this song comes on just after Mellencamp, I share with you now:

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh