Coming to a Place of Not Knowing

Guest Prompt: week 2, day 1

Coming to a Place of Not Knowing

No Mind, No Thoughts

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These are my thoughts
Written upon a page
Transcribed, transfixed
Transmuted, transfigured alike
What was once no longer the same
What will be will be
Receive abundance and all its mystery
These are my thoughts
Written upon a page
Accepted by self
Allowing its flow
What was What is
It is present moment of the day
These are my thoughts
Written upon a page
Looking out, Looking In
Mirrored reality
Affixed to Great Mystery
These are my thoughts
Written upon a page
Helping me, Helping Thee.

But are they? Thoughts remaining fixed in black and white — if not for today, how long must this be? Just because they reached my thoughts, fingertips turning ideas into print, does that make them real? Can one not change thoughts a thousand times within a day?

At this moment in time, giving witness to personal thoughts as real as they have come this way, forefront thought processes, jumping out of shadows and doubt. Stumped again with each new day rising from the depths of my soul, collective sadness imparted upon my head, giving way to flooded gates opening and shedding layers of anguishing purpose-giving hatred or fearful thoughts.

Present-day reminded of no thought transpiring, mushin no shin, empty hands awaiting intent, embracing all possibilities, reminded yin or yan of thought transference Great Mystery remains. Yet under no circumstances giving in to thoughts, better choice of mastering them, passing through the frontal lobe next selection, spoken from our lips.

Or is it all made up anyway?

Emptied cup, mind following suit, made up historical facts believed once true, falsified reality forgiving self-inflicted vicious attacks, time to empty hands. Fully present are we, Stepping into the Canvas of Great Mysteries welcoming thoughtless, flowing love for all there is.

Back and forth between the battlefield going on upstairs, snapping fingers commanding all hands on deck, visceral passing of all memories, no mind opening the door for limitless possibilities. Calm as can be, tired lonesomeness passing away as if decaying corpuscles and rotting flesh were ever a thing.

As real as it may be, as falsified — it is also. Given name, labeled at birth, letting go of this my certificate stating everything as it should be. Onto the trails blazers go, cutting another track fresh forgotten letting go.

~ Ani Po

Coming to a place of no thoughts as they were never mine to begin with. Mushin no shin, without mind thoughtlessness giving way, choosing which dream imaginable, jumping on the bandwagon of self-mastery giving birth.

Thank you Diana C. and Sujona Chatterjee for this prompt

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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Purpose Given Thought Thwarting Into Our Daily Existence

Response to Guest Prompt

Purpose Given Thought Thwarting into our Daily Existence

That driving force throughout our day to day

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In a crazy upside-down world, it is easy to get lost in the day-to-day, the collective thoughts floating about. Lost in media molestation, convincing as it may be, where does one turn for truths and sanity of self-driven happiness? Inwardly we proceed, seeking our truths, our reality of sorts, either coming to a place of knowing or misled by external forces lurking about.

In the morning of our lives, we aimlessly attack the world with such vigor and persistence of getting recognized by family, peers, and worldly dreams of making a difference in this confusing realm of possibility. I, for one, chased everything, attempting to learn everything that life had to offer. Showing up then, as I do now, only to experience a greater purpose of living within the boundaries established by the educated guesses of what should or should not be.

“Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.”

― Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Jung discusses this observation of humans having a morning to their lives, referring to the adolescence of continuance in being, remaining stuck in the same place. As kids, we played “stuck in the mud.” Is this a representation of the morning of our lives? Remaining stuck in the constructs of dogmatic teachings, false realities paralleled by fear, believing in the outlines created by other persons, never digging deeply into our agenda, creating our thesis, confirming our path, and owning our being of permanence.

Regardless of the truths discovered on personal journeys to self-discovery, we are left to figure out the ins and outs of this reality, physical, spiritual, and mental constructs of our boundaries given form as we see fit. The truth-seekers finders of unknown answers, outlying on the cusp of discovering a new planet, new definitions foreign to the collective masses subscribing to fit into this world, creating a world revolving around them in a manner with no explanation needed but to their own self be true.

Like a flowering tree is growing buds, dropping seeds or nuggets of truth for others to pick up if they so choose. We do not worry about the winds of change, merely digging deeper roots into the mother’s bosom, withstanding the strongest storms. Similarly, we do not fret over those in our presence and whether they will receive the fruits of our budding wisdom.

Maybe it is wisdom. Maybe it is a delusional reality created? Makes no difference to the self-actualized, for they have found a formula that works to create the most delightful elixir to life’s many mysteries unfolding. Developing their practice, mixing varying tonics infusing song or dance into the daily nectar, the self-actualized retreat to their quiet space of solitude, a sanctuary hidden in plain sight for others to exchange in conversation, drinking an eternal quenching liquid of thought-transference to what is or is not possible.

Entering the afternoon of our lives, embracing the real world as if tuning into Tears for Fears earthly wisdom pumping through our speakers of truth, aligning our hearts, minds, and whole being with a vibratory message of love — the light of cosmic birthing of undoing history itself — it is elemental.

What is that truth resounding through? What drives us into our days? Personally, it is an understanding of what makes others tick, what gives meaning to their own lives, offering unearthly views — I say unearthly only because often feeling not from this world and others fail to see how I do. Isn’t that the truth of all of our existence? None of us can see like the other, but we can adapt to other’s beliefs, stepping firmly in our own.

The elemental daily surprise of my canvas, filled with all aspects of knowing and unknowing how or why this world circles around in planetary alignment with others unlike our own, leaving and living in awe of what possibilities still exist within the constructs of personal neuro-transmitting mind-altering reality and the mysteries within earthly birthing of understanding, with glimpses of galactic projections fusing into our daily lives — becoming So.

Being of this place, not of it — forgive me for not knowing the origins of this saying, whether Jesus was the first or there were others before the Christ, it is time to dissolve our beliefs, breaking down the living within algorithmic outlines and prompted beats, clicking at our endorphins false sense of happiness. Sifting, sorting through the raindrops dropping tunes, we write to our heart’s content, not for anyone else but our own self-made gratification.

~ Ani Po

Thank you Diana C. for inviting others to share in the prompts, much gratitude to Aswin for Friday’s prompt and overwhelming love for this place we call home within Know Thyself Heal Thyself.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash