Time Traveler

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Time Traveler

recapping travels, prompts, energetic flow

Little Joey, from tree-trunk to tree-trunk pulling on khakis, jeans, or whoever listens, seeking poppa, adult presence being near, the search continues. Always accounted for most profound memories dancing with inspirational, shadow-marked calling brightest of days, inserting dialogue with self, mydriasis’ full spectrum.

Joey is becoming ‘We,’ no longer I, self-fading blackened past looking up to the one to be, higher self, and adulthood of nth degree. More truth serum needed, not necessarily, a child as mentioned earlier to adult, we are becoming, and we ‘just are’ belonging.

Aged and worn redwood, sequoia dreaming of once planted seed, recalling the troubling springs with wildfires ablaze, would the little survive, yet here she is fully grown to the heavens and skies painted tapestry.

Nightmarish sweetest of dreams, wishing once to return whence she came, homesick yet recalling a time before time itself, before seedlings earthly kiss, aforetime floating bubble imagined already before.

This childlike dialogue, innermost conversation, Two Owls given-sight as this or that, black and white, not just that easy, varying shades in between — situational piece, white like ivory keys, flat black and sharpened means.

While two sides to every coin, positive and negative polarizing thoughts, calling for attention, dividing sorts, yet more dichotomies dualistic in nature. Split entirely, again and again, yet subconscious doubleheader pulling an all-nighter. I see what I see; We are what We are.

Then sings my soul breaking into chorus, childlike, vibrational enveloping song, deliver me Oh Lord, once fiery ash-laden self-being, transmuted thought, transforming phoenix presence born. Dragon tamed or embracing, embodying ‘All There Is,’ traveling through time, forward and back, retracing and recreating, time standing still-Heart painting world on fire!

Canvas is born stepping whole-heartedly, self-realization coming of age, heart-strings tug self ought not to puppeteer cutting strings. Free to be, thoughts limiting mind-blocking to me, no longer, entering heart-space from me to We-We are Free. Here in this space, a tonic of the wildness flowing, drunkard souls, life’s eternal elixir coursing through our veins.

All this, Friday after all, clinging to stories of old beliefs anew, letting go everything, surrendering to ‘All There Is.’ Boundaries and attachments, no longer common in this space, foreign lands, thoughts unspoken by tongue, felt, transmitting frequency, non-attachment to even the ‘All There Is.’

So ‘We’ bid you good day, goodnight, Good Life, blessed be. Smokey Joe returns accompanied by Little Joey; we the pondering, observing the observer, silently ‘We’ watch from afar. Atop the mountain ways, rolled mapacho or piped inner-knowing, releasing a thousand lifetimes, puff, puff, breathing out ‘All There Is.’

~ Ani Po

_ _ _

This past week was not as planned, deflated is an understatement, as my world around me pulled from every-which way. In service, tugging at heart-strings, returning to that healing space of self, to which I have come to know and love oh so well.

The inner voices, battling to be heard, “we need to write! No we do not,” dialogue of self and higher, child and adult, daily occurrence. In attempts to recap the weekly prompt, throwing the puzzle pieces across the floor. Regrouping life’s Great Mysteries, Tuesdays and Thursdays edition, wanting to paint varying colors in between.

At the close, weekend’s fold, we observe in silence, called forth observing the observer we are.

While I could interpret this piece, I will leave for the readers to do as such. My experience, while may aide another, free flowing are we. Free to interpret, get lost in interpretation or miss the mark with lost in interpretation itself. I gift you these words to ponder, observe or throw out because I am Bat-shit crazy.

_ _ _

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

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Reflecting on One’s Life

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Reflecting on One’s Life

Moment to Moment: Rewriting the Canvas

Chapter Two:

In today’s fast world, it is nearly impossible to be stress-free. I say nearly because it is possible. All it takes is a little practice and a desire to move forward. With practice…makes perfect! With practice, we move past our attachments to stressors of our days.

Each new day is an opportunity for the present moment. From moment to moment, experience to experience, we can be fully in that moment. What does this mean? It means that when we are doing the dishes, we are fully in the moment of doing dishes, enjoying the experience and miracle of being able to do so. At this moment we dissolve the reality around us, allowing us to remain in our current moment of truth and understanding.

I’ve always known that I could create a life I desired, but never really understood how it worked. It wasn’t until I risked stepping into the unknown as if calling Creators’ bluff when it was shown to me paradise was just through the valley before me. I realized it was all created in divine timing. From the time when I was three, being able to see visions of the future, to the current day of seeing beauty, magic, and happiness extending through my day.

Not until stepping by faith, trusting the next step would be on solid ground did it become so. I stepped and it was made so. Stepping out of my own shadows and into the light of hope, a new reality was made manifest. One with deeper understanding and courage to travel uncharted territory, still uncertain to the final destination, but there is faith it is all in the grand-plan of things.

Living in a world of labels and judgment, about how I should act or be, riding an up and down roller coaster. As I created my given situations, something inadvertently changed the outcomes. What was it? It was the labels and ideas of others that influenced my life. Letting go of labels or expected outcomes, reality became an infinite possibility. Seeing the vision, contemplating the possibilities, and engaging those who were needed in that moment of time, life became a beautiful symphony.

Just the mere observation of an experiment can change the whole outcome. ~Shmuel Gurvitz (Quantum Physicist)

What good are names? Labels? These are all man-made, with varying importance. We label things so we can understand what it is we are doing, who we are speaking to, or whatever. It is through labels we communicate with one another. I often forget people’s names, forgotten stories of the past, and don’t look too far into the future, because all I have is now. Currently driving to work next to me is a scooter with a man wearing a black leather jacket, leather gloves, and a shiny black helmet with no one else on the road. How is this relevant? I am fully committed to my day and the work that I do. Just as the man on the scooter or the Policeman keeping a driver safe, while a tow truck pulls a car out of traffic, we all have a purpose and an opportunity to share such moments. These observations are mine and mine alone -personal moments to enjoy. I have mine and you have yours.

Observing personal moments along the way, contemplating the possibilities, allowing the infinite to come to our aid, we open our awareness to infinite possibilities in this moment of time. Like the drop of water self-realized that it is the whole ocean.

We all have this innate ability to be fully in the moment, enjoying every piece of the canvas. Moment to moment, we arrive. ~Ani Po

Arriving at our Destination, one moment at a time, we celebrate it as a new beginning. With new beginnings, every second bringing endings of the same, celebrate these moments each and every day. Through careful contemplation we arrive at this moment, knowing it will never be the same.

Stepping into the canvas with greenery all around, being fully in the moment, and enjoying the Canvas laid before us. Whatever we do today, wherever we may go, know that happiness resides within us -It is this knowledge of happiness that ‘it’ exists. To know happiness is to be happiness.

As we step out today, witnessing the surrounding beauty of the day, stop to give thanks. Give thanks for varying colors, varying smells, and various activities throughout the day. Within gratitude, we attract more to be grateful for…allowing a continuous flow of abundance to flow into our lives.

We could choose to see the dullness of our days, suffering in the world, or we can choose to see the beauty of the day. This does not mean we ignore the suffering world. We merely bring awareness to the dwelling negativity attracting more negativity, allowing our attention to focus, more intently on that of positivity.

Are you currently complaining about your neighbor? Currently, complaining about another? Do you see another person as Satan? Before you judge them or before you label them, have you fully taken the time to understand them? Are you aware that every person is a reflection of the self at some level of our being?

I see it often, judging another without fully understanding their group or affiliations. Instead of getting to know the person, we often point fingers, highlighting their differences. How about getting to know them? Understand them? It is in our understanding of another, that we understand ourselves. To truly understand ourselves, we need to learn other cultures, other choices, and other beliefs. Respecting all, not necessarily following them, we understand ourselves as a whole. In making whole, we stand firmly in our beliefs (with acceptance in our hearts for other persons’ beliefs). It is through the understanding of others we find an understanding of self.

The canvas of life has enough suffering in the world, the last thing we need is more negativity. How do we change this? It begins with self. If you lash out at the children, scream at a coworker, label another as Satan or a whore, are you really spreading positive cheer throughout the day? Whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew, are we following our teachings by spreading more negativity? Instead of positivity, we are merely spreading more negativity. The world does not need more negativity. Rewriting the canvas takes time and effort, like a painter who decides to change his own canvas…applying new paint. Like the painter, our canvas becomes an illusion of self…allowing infinite changes to take place.

As the painter evaluates the canvas before him, giving a pause, only to Begin anew, vision of future presents itself. Clearing the canvas, the painter starts fresh with new paint, maybe a new brush, and a new idea. Allowing new ideas to flow, trusting in the process of creation, a new canvas gives birth to new realities. It is within our own ability to find the proper media to fit upon our canvas, ask appropriate questions to better understand our canvas, and execute an idea…setting into motion new possibilities.

We are all painters of our own Canvas. The Great Canvas before us, painted by the great I AM, is left for self-interpretation. It is up to self-interpretation, negative or positive, good or evil. In retrospect there is no good or evil…only the whole. We have been told that only a few select get to heaven, failing to see accessibility is there for all. It is not a place or destination, reserved for the hereafter…but it is available in this very moment in time. Our mindset shall manifest the key that opens the gates to paradise.

Seeing the canvas of life as a whole, we ourselves become whole. Letting go of self-judgment, self-interpretation of the Canvas, healing shall take place. In healing our own canvas of life, we are healing the grand picture laid before us by the master painter…without judgment. Seeing the canvas of life as a whole, enjoying all the differences within the canvas, we ourselves become whole. In our wholeness, the canvas of life becomes whole once again. No separation as we once believed, but a connection to all there is…unlimited accessibility at our fingertips.

Where do we begin? How do we see beyond our level of understanding, transcending current reality? Contemplate. Contemplate the current situation and see the possibilities of what it may take to achieve the new. Do we need to call a friend? An expert in a given field? Endless possibilities…we need only seek to find.

Stepping into the Canvas with new supplies with pen to paper, brush to canvas, life is rewritten with a single stroke of a pen or brush. It is possible to wipe the slate clean, but equally possible to rewrite the Canvas of Life. Everything leading to this point in history has made you beautiful, smart, and powerful. True power comes from within, given freely…go now give of this power freely…live the life you were meant to…Live a Syncrosensational Life…You were born for this day!

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Spiritual Exercise: Reflecting on One’s Life

1. Trauma or negative beliefs

Sit quietly and reflect. With closed eyes recall any past traumas. Whether physical or psychological, recount the significance of our lifetime. Was this a pivotal moment when thoughts and ideas were reworked? Was there a shutdown of positivity, inviting negative beliefs in the form of fear and anger?

2. Rewards or positive events

Go deeper to the possibility that all of life’s traumas have created a positive outcome in one shape or form. If not yet realized they will with time. Once realized, the negative effects dissipate and the positive rewards become overwhelming and cleansing.

3. Seeing positive and negative as whole

Just as a magnet cannot be stripped of its magnetic poles without losing its magnetic potential, we too cannot live wholly without one or the other. The positive and negative outcomes of life have created a whole universe within the self…these positive and negative beliefs are seen as holy and wholly as one. We choose how to react to the outcomes or magnetic poles for the day.

We contemplate…

_ _ _

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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