Love and Gratitude

From the very first post to daily messages of thanks received, I am forever grateful for those who have come and those who are on their way. I am grateful to those who pass this along to a friend or any person who needs a different outlook. It was and always will be my hopes that these words upon the Canvas lift someone in need, someone challenged by the monotony of the days and just seeking inner balance.

Whether a daily reader or one who has reached out a hand in need, I send my love and gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as we learn and grow together. We are here together to share, experience and allow one another to have our own experiences within this Canvas of Life.

Though we may tire and grow weak, we lift each other up in our most difficult of times. Though a floating fish head may blur our perspective, we see divinity in the story of Victor Frankl and those of similar accounts. It is in our perception that taints or beautifies our vision for the future, our outlook on present day or joyous and painful memories of the past. It is our perception that quantifies our reality from this day forward.

Let us go together…to this place of joy. Let us go now…where others are afraid to travel. Let us go now…fearlessly through our own valley of death…only to be reborn.

I will go with you…Ani Po

love and gratitude

Sitting Quietly

Sit quietly allow the world to spin. At light-speed it travels but we remain in sacred space. No matter what the world presents we see peace, love and joy. No matter the naysayers we continue down the path before us.

Not ever really knowing where the path leads but a general idea as to what awaits. Is it a fairytale to imagine there is happiness awaiting our arrival? Is it blind to think we see a brighter outcome to the bleak? Some may say so…but where do they stand?

Not judging them or picking a battle, just inviting all to take a stand for sacred space. We know what we want and reach for that which is most desired. While our circumstances may prove challenging, how we respond to them lay the difference of finding this joy. In seeing circumstances as they are, contemplating all possible outcomes, we align with what proves most beneficial.

Stepping into the Canvas quietly and assuredly to a place most desired. It is peace within that paints our outer realms. It is joy of self that changes the world around us. It is Love in our hearts that removes all fears of standing firmly in our sacred space.

quietly and assuredly