Two as One

In the beginning was a great divide.
Separateness foreign to thought.
What began as whole
Became two sovereign bodies
Independently co-creating
What was and what shall be
Great thinkers
Movers and Shakers are we
Anomaly diverging thought
Ebb and flow
Orbital existence
Joining spoken and unspoken
Singular level
Cosmic mirrored realities
Allowance for one
Off and away
Great wisdom
Nothingness accepted
Everything at hand
Independently we return
No thoughts
Pure Love
Two as One.

~Ani Po

Medicine Flows Through

Once annoyed

Now enjoyed

The melody hath brought

Flowing through my heart

Keen sense

Watchful eye

Patience greatest gift

Daily reminders

Mimicking or natural call

Being authentic

True to the core

Ambitious and enduring thought

Great vision

Sight of what is and what has not become

Sing to me

May your medicine flow through

Bow to you

Deepest gratitude for all there is.

~Ani Po