Infinite Reality


We can either sit quietly doing nothing, often dreaming of what our lives could or could not be. Or we could ignite the internal flame to a new reality. A dream is only a dream until action is applied. Without action, we remain in our dreams of yesterday.

Truthfully,  we  do  not  need  to  do  anything  to  attain  happiness…as  happiness  is  a state  of  mind. However…to be happy and live a life we have always dreamed of, we must activate Spirit. Activating the spirit, we implore a mighty technology…a technology based on Love. With guidance from spirit, we apply our goals.

Ani Po is familiar with this process as she often makes her own goals, committing to her dreams and activating them into reality. Without goals her dreams would only be a dream; With goals, they move forward into reality.

Recently Ani Po overheard a conversation between two pilgrims.   One asking the other for advice. Not liking what the other pilgrim had to say, the first pilgrim storms off. Ani Po smiles as she has witnessed this before, knowing that humans often hear only what they want to hear while failing to hear honest feedback offered by another. With positive criticism, humans often fail to hear the message. Ani Po, listens attentively and smiles as she hears a positive message charging another pilgrim with owning his work.

The key to reality, is seeing it,  believing it and owning it as our own.   As we claim our dreams as our own, we assert that our reality will be so. If not…again…it remains only a dream.

  1. Dreams
  2. Writing them down
  3. Taking action
  4. Tell nobody
  5. Owning new reality


Everything begins with a thought or a dream.  What begins them to manifest into our lives? Often times it is our own actions. However…it is often times without our own actions, but accompanied by a universal force that delivers an end result every time. The key is the dream, seeing it to be true and then knowing that it is on its way.

Writing them down

To confirm any objective or goal in life, we must commit ourselves to that which we desire most.  Writing these goals down, placing them in plain view, we are re-programmed to see it and live it every day, assuring us that it truly is on its way.

Taking Action

Once we have our dreams and our goals written down, we must take necessary actions, aligning ourselves with these goals. Maybe it is building new team building circles, friends circles, or inspirational group circles. Whatever the case, without preparing the fields for a healthy harvest, how will the farmer prepare for when it comes to fruition? Take action.

Tell Nobody

This step is critical!  It is often stated that a scientist can alter his own experiment by the mere watching of things. This is not reserved for merely the scientist, but the surrounding groups.  If we tell other people our plans or goals, they instinctively will give their opinion…and we run the risk of altering our goals, by the mere interjection of the other opinions. Just the mere observation of the experiment (by the self or another), can change the whole outcome.

Owning A New Reality

This final step is when we know we have arrived.  Does a swimmer say, “I try to swim?” No. He or she is either a swimmer or not a swimmer. The key to achieving our goals is the ownership of our work. For me it means saying, “I am a writer.” Whether my work is good or not, I cannot achieve the greatness I aspire without owning who I am. The key ingredient to anything in life is the simple phrase…I Am That.

Stepping into the Canvas with Aspiration.  With every dream, we have action; every action, we have a dream. As we dance to the beautiful tune of inspiration, we apply this wisdom of achieving our goals. Without goals our dreams would remain in bed as we sleep. Committing to goals…we fuel the dreams into reality, seeing it, believing, and knowing it to be true with a self-realization of…I Am That, I Am.


Building New Habits

If all we ever know is what we already know, how can we possibly change our own reality? Simple…change our thoughts, adopting a new reality. What is it that you truly want? Do you want to remain in misery? Or would you rather have the fairytale, living happily ever after?

The first step to meeting our goals:  set our intentions, get happy while believing them to be true, and finally accepting them with gratitude. It is through our intentions, our actions are aligned. Whilst aligning with our intentions our actions aid us into our new reality.

Ninety-five percent of us humans give up after the first thought. They have an idea, but it remains a dream that will never come to fruition.  The other five percent are making the necessary changes within their lives, while the other ninety-five watch in anger or jealousy. What percent will we fall in? That is up to the self.

I am not here to beat anyone or call them a failure for not creating a Syncrosensational Life, what I am here to do is give a little push towards a new reality. If excuses creep in, politely ask the ego to step aside.  Putting aside our old habits, we make room for new habits…stay the course. Most importantly…stop making excuses to why we cannot have the fairy tale!

Build new habits revolving around well-being. In doing so, our brain neuro-fibers are reprogrammed to that of a new reality. ~Joseph

The reason for this discussion is to create a life we were meant to live…one of happiness. If we are not happy then we need to clean house, re-arrange our schedule and fill it with things that make us feel good. If getting into shape is important to you, but the gym creates more stress for you…try getting outside, losing yourself in the many splendors the Canvas of Life has to offer.

Whether it’s a fitness goal, work related goal or a spiritual goal, we all have excuses not to do them. Stop making excuses and listen to the voice that keeps popping up…”I really need to do …that.” You know what ‘that’ is…don’t you. For me…I know meditation is of utmost importance…so it is necessary for me to begin a daily practice again, allowing the creative juices to flow effortlessly, creating more to be grateful for. For homeostasis to return within my being, I know that clearing daily clutter is important…releasing it to the Universe. What is it for you? What is it that you want? Start making the necessary changes now…

Prayer is said to be like speaking to God. Meditation is waiting for His reply. ~Ani Po

We are own biggest roadblock, preventing us from everlasting happiness.  Why not change that by asking…”What do I really want?” Then answer it by taking action. Make an action plan, change your habits…but then stick with them. Habits do not become habit-forming unless we make them our daily habits. It is also proven that we must do something for up to twenty-one times in order for the habit to take hold.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new habit, allowing it to take form.  Imagining what it would be like that which we most desire, giving thanks without judgment of our imperfections or our stumbling. See ourselves in a brighter light, removing shadows of doubt…and submersing oneself in the Canvas. We really needn’t do anything, but if we choose…try looking at the Canvas from a different angle…from within..projecting outward to an infinite reality.


Forgetting what was, accepting what may be…opening to infinite reality.~Ani Po