Mirrored Reality

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Twas some time ago, wanting pure joy with interactions
wishing, hoping, ecstasy prevails in every touch of words
inexperienced at reality shift change expressions, good feelings present more
naivety, lack of self-control, feeling the feeling purest forms remiss.

Pain inflicted reality caused, personal or collective uncertainties
entering a new paradigm, embodying, embracing, All There Is
running, hiding at first, scared out of mind, new energies filling my consciousness
sit, meditate, told unto me.

Just being, forever shall I be
wishes changing, understanding of the possibility
message clear, thwarting forward in the seat
challenging those around me, not for personal superiority.

Healed traumas of past, present, and future tense
generational, ancestral, astral planing me to you
once look over, processing damaged good
beautiful flower, fragrant hyacinth planted seeds.

Present moment, excitation extreme
wonderful ubiety, dance with inspiration commence
question and answer not, but question yet again
listened being as before, more in tune vibratory actuality.

Come sit with me, we shall see
what comes from our dance, universal rendering song
sing with me, take my hand
deep peace, mirrored unto thee.

~Ani Po

Birthing from Thursday’s Poetry Challenge, wishing an even exchange for all interacting. Non-attached to expectations, allowing what interaction is meant to be.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Wishing you all a Happy and self-awareness kind of New Year! Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Minding the Void


Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Minding the Void

Allowing writer’s block a rewrite

Darkened thought enters
bringing terror and fear
change of movement as such

Distraction self-fleeting way
happy this millisecond
a cyclical roller coaster of sorts
sitting quietly instead

Allowing thoughts
comfortably pass
be still
listen, heart calls thy name

Canvas empty
awaiting special touch
paint thy heart true
filling Canvas’ void

flowing naturally as it was

What was
now is
It is so
So it Is

Enters the void
blackened, darkened skies
emphasis on ‘no thing’
everything at hand

Quieting mind
monkey fighting
mistaken not


Cosmic silence
vibratory thought
activation conceptualized
misconception self-inflicted

Writer’s block
absent idea
meant to be
who knows

Into the void
quietude residing
birthing new thought
all on time

Force not
timing of given birth
when the child is ready
sleeper awakens

It is as It Was
in the beginning
the end
everything in between.

~ Ani Po

Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

I often write in a pen name or channeled thought, written as Ani Po, merely a messenger I Am.

Thank you for showing up.

Joseph Lieungh