Rise Up: Taking Higher ground

Whether planetary alignment, collective thought transpiring through or all of the above, we are affected if we choose. Our daily events, interactions and thought-points all the same, can transpire into thought of despair or transmuted as into dichotomy of its same.

During trying times, which we have encountered for what seems to be a lifetime of days and nights, we come to a breaking point where we either breakdown or rise up. Either way, we eventually rise up from our own ashes…let’s hope that is true.

Taking inventory of our thoughts, whether counted blessings or grocery list of things working against us, everything stems from our own consciousness. Brought to the surface, these thoughts can rule our days just as the stars and planets align, influencing further behaviors of the same.

Can we change the contributing forces? Or is it a matter of changing how we interpret these collective thoughts running through our days?

Rise up, taking higher ground, honey bee seeking out more flowering platforms to share our personal song or touch. There is a deeper yearning within all of us, seeking to serve a greater purpose…a purpose of singing and sharing our song.

Who will listen? Do they even care about our thought carrying tunes? Whilst not worry about what ‘they’ think or who shall listen…those who need to hear this sacred music will join in song.

~Ani Po

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