Sharing in Chorus: Aviator Mastery Chimes In

Oh the pain

Misery at front-hold

Given thought

Consumed as it was


Forthright transmission

Understood fully

Not at all

Vibratory transmission

Cosmic understanding


Give breath

Life creative mastery

Once there was nothing

Limitless unfolding realities

Singing a new song

Written before

Sharing in chorus

Aviator mastery chimes in

Dying breath

New life given

Fearing song

Joyous harmony as such

Pain consumed

Melodies release anew

Sing a New Song

Universally themed.

~Ani Po



Call Upon the Trickster Within: Interpreting Dreams and Thought Reality

This morning, woken by the cry of a whimpering coyote. Knowing the sounds I scurry to the windows, opening curtains and peeking for a glimpse of my little friend. From the front of the house to the back, hoping to catch my little friend.

Sigh. Nowhere to be seen.

For those who know me, there is an offering rock in our yard. At our old house it was right outside our patio door. All types of animals came to this rock. From four-legged to flying aviators. All were Welcome.

We moved this past year and are still uncertain as to the lay of the land or how the landscape will transform. For now, this rock, rests within a fenced in yard. Sadly, the four-leggeds are not welcomed into this fenced in area at this time. We are working on a plan for that. For now I put treats outside of our fence, sharing with whomever wishes.

So, as I wandered the house, looking out the windows only to be left empty, I went to the back to check on last nights offering. Laid outside of our fence-line, tasty treats remained. Saddened, for a moment, as my thoughts of hallucinating what may be remains.

Time was noted, 6:20am, as I felt like sleeping in this morning. Lol.

Returned to writing meditation, allowing myself to awaken into imaginary world of pondering song. Thoughts of doing nothing, thoughts fed from the collective, persuasive thought many can be.

Was I hearing things? Was I hoping for contact of another? Was the trickster here and what message does he or she bring? We could all go mad trying to figure out the Great Mysteries of life. What we are to do, what is our purpose, etc. We spend all of our energy trying to understand our dreams and the meaning of what is or is not.

Is there a point to all of this? We’d like to think so but what if there is not? What if our whole point is coming to an idea of not having a point? Can the human mind handle not knowing? What if the co-creator stopped creating?

So many questions, brought forward by the trickster on four legs. Her presence is known but often unseen. Feel the feeling of ‘what may be’ and ‘what if’s’ the same questions of the day. Elusive thought, physical pervasiveness dependent upon our conscious, subconscious and super-conscious if there may be.

Maybe the message is complex, with eternity or lifetime to figure out. Or maybe it is more simple than that.

Maybe it is to just lighten up and move on…

~Ani Po

Photo Credit: Fox2News