Pondered Present Moment

Oh restless one

Who cannot sit still

Lack of sleep

Without a pill

Thousand minds

Enter as One

Activity after activity

Still no rest

Filling gaps in schedule

Void of all there is

What is missing?

What may present itself today?

What lessons being taught?

How might one see?

In stillness Void speaks

Love and Happiness

Pondered present moment

Magical time space continuum

It is

Is It.

~Ani Po

Pic Source unknown

We are Found

Despairing thoughts

World crashing down

Stay in bed

Curled up, short of breath

Tears of sadness

Transmuted joy and gladness

Once lost no bearing or direction

Found right here, right now

Present, whole, Oneness emanates

Breathing in what was

Breathing out Love so Infinite

Challenged by the day

Smiles of cosmic breath

Parody of another

Or self contained awesomeness giving birth

It Is as It Is

We Are as We Are

~Ani Po

WIN-Initiative / Getty Images