Painting a New Canvas

The world of thought is as we see it. Through eyes of flesh limited by collective reaction to what is happening. Nothing is new. Similar pain and destruction alive today as they were thousands of years ago. Merely amplified by 7.6 billion thoughts.

Filtered by Heart, Canvas becomes a beautiful playground left for imagination and creation of more beauty. Seen by self, witnessed by the collective. Truthfully, not all will see. Stick to the Canvas.

The Canvas of Life, dancing in harmony, remains unbiased to our collective. Ebbs and flows, trials and errors, Canvas gives and receives as one chooses to see. Opened Heart, eternal expanding force at play.

Sitting, staring at the empty Canvas or interacting, co-creating mirrored beauty that has always been. Hopeless in thought or new perspective at hand, we see the world as we are willing to see.

Like two school children fighting on the playground over who is stronger, superman or batman, we have similar happenings on global levels. We can choose to play the game of who is better, diffuse arguments of reigning superheros or continue Painting a new Canvas into existence.

We return back to the basics, written by nature, living harmoniously and complementary of the next. From cosmos of thought we exist, to cosmos of thought we return. Whether we wait until our final return or set aside daily practice of reconnecting with All There Is.

There is no right or wrong, only perceived reactionary thought of the collective. Listen to the others or return to All There Is, Painting a New Canvas into existence.

~Ani Po

Final Lesson

Our final lesson of life is letting go of the physical plain all together. We observe a body and bodies of a collective whole but live in a place not bound by flesh.

No longer speaking language of flesh but that of ancient stars. We hear all, see all without necessity of labeling of things.

Merely observing the observer and thoughts ebb and flow. As in the self, collectively as whole. The time is now, present as it may be.

Twinkle twinkle little star, sing to me wherever you are. Flow through me, sing with me as we heal this chaotic collective thought.

Accepting what was, what is and what is yet to come. Cut creator, co-creator however it is spelled, we are singularly and collectively changing worlds.

In this final lesson we throw out all the sheet music once sang, canvases depicting broken, books regurgitating creative thought…embodied we are.

~Ani Po