Writing Story into Existence

Writing story into existence

Painting Canvas anew

Allowing world to spin

Accepting days when blue



Scripted and non-orchestrated

It is what it is

It is as one sees



Whatever may be

Triggered thought

Trauma arising


Loving kindness

Giving way

Roads traveled

Leading to present day

Thoroughfare unknown

Awe-inspiring unfamiliar

Our new home

Writing story into existence

Painting Canvas anew.

~Ani Po

Reconnecting with Canvas

Kissing Mother

Stepping with Care

Calling to Wind

Attentive directional pull

Giving thanks

Nourishing thought

Travels the Stream

We ignite Fire within

Gentle mesmerizing Crackle

Blazing force as it is

Awareness elemental

We are Connected

We are

All There Is.

~Ani Po