It Exists

It exists in this moment in time.

It exists in every breath.

From cellular to cosmic bodies…it exists…

What we seek Is seeking us.

What seeks attention we know to be true.

From darkened thoughts to those of angelic beings…it exists…

Play on or play a game no longer of interest.

Play along or begin again.

No thought or chosen distinctly…it exists…

It exists and it awaits our acceptance…

Ani Po

Accepting Self: From Darkened Past to Brighter Days

Not sure where others are in this moment of time or understanding of such, but in my understanding of things being in a place of ‘as it is.’ Not seeing all as wonderful but accepting things for what they are.

In reality our world is filled with terrible things. The more we seek misery the more it returns sadness and illness.

Our past, tainted and tattered, filled with misery and pain. What if we no longer wanted to hold said pain and misery? Can we change the course of our own history? Can we change the course of worldly history? Only when we as individuals stand in our own acceptance of who we are, can we collectively accept who we are as a greater whole.

It is said ‘all is written’ and everything is ‘as it should be,’ but how do we know it is so? And what is it that needs to be? We can spend hours trying to figure this out, maybe even days or weeks…or in some cases years…and even never finding ‘it.’

Do we have the strength to stand firmly in our own misery, accepting it, owning it whilst remaining steadfast to moving on? Not ever forgetting our past but learning from it. In our learning we are growing…but who do we want to be?

What do we want to write in our book of life? What picture do we want painted for others to see? Not for approval from any one person but self, we move towards who we could be. Knowing there is something more to this place of understanding, do we remain as we are or do we take the leap of faith into the unknown? What is this place that calls our name? How do we get there? If we go there, will those closest to us tag along?

Eventually we will lose it all. In death we lose everything and gain a whole new perspective. Do we have to wait until that last breath to find it? What are we willing to do for ‘IT?’

Please tell me…what is it that you seek? What is it that you want? What story is waiting to be written?

Brighter days exist in our ability to paint a brighter picture within oneself. Taking in only that which serves our highest good, sharing only that which lifts another to higher grounds. Knowing where we came from and trusting in our return to higher grounds.

It exists in this moment in time.

It exists in this very breath.

From cellular to our cosmic bodies…it exists…

Ani Po