Brother Sun, Sister Moon

The struggle continues between Brother Sun and Sister Moon, as I witness the struggle of Ego and Spirit.

The sun and moon are apart of the great blue ocean, while Ego and Spirit are part of tainted seas.


It is not whether Ego or Spirit wins, but instead how they work harmoniously together.  We are lost without the moonlit skies and likewise we are lost without the Sun.


I cannot shun Ego, as it is apart of whom I am.  Instead I can embrace Ego, just as I embrace The Spirit that burns within me.  I will embrace both Ego and spirit, but will be mindful to choices made by the two.


Just as the Sun and Moon work as one to light the way, Ego and Spirit do the same.  The Sun and Moon work together as one to fill the Heaven above and Ego and Spirit work as one to fill the Heaven on Earth.


The Sun and Moon are all-encompassing, but yet they are separate.  Likewise, Ego and Spirit are all-encompassing, but separate.


I cannot deny one or the other, for both has purpose. I cannot deny one or the other, for both light the way.

I thank you Brother Sun and Sister Moon for showing me the way, but more importantly I thank you Brother Ego and Sister Spirit.