Worry Paints a Bleak Picture Upon the Canvas

looking through glass of water

In the observation of things, it is easy to note how we react to life around us. Rudeness, Impatience of others, constant flux of “being busy.” It is common to think we have no choice as to how our day may unfold, but it is an illusion that we cannot change how we react to the events.

Recently, I observed a Father and Son discussing the topic of worry and heard a beautiful analogy given by the father.


Dad: “Son, have you ever heard the phrase…you are going to worry yourself sick!”


Dad: “Where do you think that phrase came from?”

I don’t know.

Dad: “It came from a logical place of our own worries. As we worry about the world around us, whether great or small, we attract more negative energy into our bodies…creating a negative environment for decay.”

Do you see this glass of water?


Dad: “Imagine this glass as a symbol of our divine perfection, filled with a pure, healing environment. Now imagine we have a bottle of food coloring, symbolizing negativity and fear. What do you think happens when we drop the food coloring into the water?”

It turns the water colors.

food coloring

Dad: “So if food coloring represents fear and negativity and we add it to our pure water, what do you think happens?”

It turns colors and the water is no longer clear.

Dad: “That’s right. And the more food coloring we add to the water, the cloudier or darker the water becomes…removing the clear positive divinity that was once within the water. So, how do you think we clear our glass of water?”

Dump it out?

Dad: “We could dump it out and yes that would be the quickest way to do it, but what happens if we slowly add more clear water?”

The colored water goes away?!

Dad: “Yes! Now imagine you are the water glass and you have filled yourself with negative food coloring, let’s call it fear or worry, how do think we can get rid of this impure water within us?”

Drink more clear water?!

Dad: “Yes! We know that food coloring exists and we know the clear water exists, but we do not have to let the food coloring taint our precious water. If we choose to allow that food coloring in, we cloud our water tables.”

Boy: “So I am to drink more clear water? Does that mean I am to see the negativity in the food coloring but ‘choose’ to add it or not?”


Boy: “But how does this make me sick?”

Dad: “Well, let’s say now instead of just food coloring we add sugar or some form of food to this water. What do you think happens?”

I don’t know.

Dad: “Well, if we add the food coloring it turns our water colors, but if we add sugar or other organic substance…but remains impure…it harbors bacteria and takes form as mold upon the water. The same happens to our bodies. If we feed too much negativity and we feed it with something that which is not beneficial to the body it creates the same thing in our bodies…only this time it takes form as a cold, flu, or even worse. Let go of the food coloring and just enjoy a clear glass of water.”

Boy: “I get dad…stop worrying and just enjoy the glass of water.”


So what do we worry about? Do we worry about whether our favorite team is going to win? Did we turn off the coffee pot? Did we do a good job at the office today? The list could go on and on, but if we enjoyed the glass of water versus worrying about whether it was going to get tainted or not…we would simply enjoy the splendor of the many miracles already within our life.

Stepping into the Canvas with deep observation…observing all there exists around us, our thoughts, our actions, nature, the reactions of other human beings. We are simply to observe, learn and grow. How we react to the Canvas of Life is how we create our own masterpiece…

bleak picture