Rewriting Our Canvas

Have you ever pondered what life would be like if you changed something in your past? Were your actions different prior to a certain time period of your life? This is very common and many people dwell on what they could have done differently. Dwelling in the past, in my own experience (and scientifically proven), we remain in the past. Looking forward to the future, we step freely into a new dimension of change.

We can learn from the past, look to the future, but the reality…there is only Now. We are here because of our past and we stand at the cusp of our future. The path we take next is up to us: in the shadows of the past, towards a brighter future.

Whatever my past has brought or whatever my future holds, is a mere reflection of who I am at this moment. I Am. I Am accepting. Acceptance not just for my fellow-man, but the most important person on this planet…me. I have accepted myself, even as imperfect as I may be…I am still growing. With the shadows of the past behind, my gaze affix towards the source of light.

However, being human, as I reflect back on my past, in hopes of learning and growing, I come to a place of great pain. Pain, not of my own, but pain inflicted onto others. Before I was married, I broke off my engagement…not sure of what I was getting into. Being young…I needed to be sure of what I was about to commit to. That break in time caused great pain for my partner and in fact it caused pain that would continue for the next nineteen years.

That moment built many walls…even though today, at first glance, everything seems perfect, there is still a great wall of protection as to not get hurt again. The human psyche is an amazing tool…it can create great walls of protection…unfortunately we eventually have to take them down so that spirit may flow freely. So, we grow together, chipping away at the wonderful wall built nineteen years ago.

This lesson has many layers to it: the basic cause and effect, where actions have serious consequences and ultimately changed another individuals path; room for healing as we learn from our past and let go of the pain that was endured; opportunity of shining more light as we forgive and move on in acceptance.

As we accept all things, all actions, as great opportunities or great building blocks to who we have become, then all things and all actions have value in their meaning. Even the greatest of pain can bring more Love.

At the first layer of this lesson: If I could take back my actions on that one day in history, it would be this day. Rising to higher consciousness, I know that even this event had its reasons and needed to take place, dissolving the ego and the need to hold onto this event. Exchanging sadness for gladness, I accept my actions and trust all will be good. The difficulty with this example is the pain endured by a loved-one, at my hand.

For me, I shall forgive myself for what I have done, but then look to my loved-one with Loving eyes, knowing that all will be good. Through self-forgiveness, I am free from the pain caused by another, by myself and any thoughts in between. It is human to think about pain inflicted onto another…especially when it is someone near and close.

Whatever the remedy, may it be so in love. As for me…I wear everything on my sleeve and discuss the events, openly, that have either hurt others or the self, allowing for closure and healing to begin.

Stepping into the Canvas without judgment, allowing the painting to just be as it is intended. Seeing through eyes of faith, we see a brighter picture…painted in Love. Nature is God’s Canvas and everything in between, however we see it shall define the brushwork we use. We are the painter, the painted and the painting…with the ability to change the reality of the Canvas. With every step, every stroke of your brush…may it be in Love.