It’s Going To Be A Long Day

Just the very title of this topic sets us up for failure every time. The words we choose define our day. If we see it as going to be a long day or a quick day, then it shall be so.
The days are the same every day, but how they are perceived can change with our circumstances. Whether the day is going perfectly, as perceived, or there are rough waters ahead, our days are defined by our perceptions.
This morning, witnessing a clerk popping Tums at 5 AM at the local gym, Ani Po asks “Tums already?”

To her reply, “yes, it is going to be a long day.”

Ani Po smiles and wishes her well, knowing all that is needed is a moment of self-reflection and a moment to reconnect with the healing vibration of source. When we concentrate our thoughts and feelings with that of Love, we immediately elevate to that which we focus. Love being the highest vibration, opens us for an opportunity for healing.
Believe it or not, in this instance, we can define our whole day. If we wake up at 3 AM with heartburn, indigestion, or the like, it does not mean it has to ruin our day. If we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we can quickly roll over to the other side. Centering ourselves in that of love, peace and joy, we are left to enjoy this beautiful day. It is that easy.

My choice of start-ups, for the day, is falling to my knees and giving thanks for another wonderful day ahead. Further asking for guidance in that of Love and all of my actions for the day to be that of Love, I start my day on the right foot. Then, no matter what comes my way, I can easily return to my knees (in spirit, not literally..but if you choose to…even better), centering my actions with that of Love.

Unfortunately there are those who see only what they see and remain in a life of misery. This does not make them right or wrong, it merely means they have not found the light. It is my wish that they do…

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes fixed on a great day. No matter what comes our way, no matter what happens around us, we have the ability to focus on having a ‘great day.’ No matter the situation or how bleak it seems, we still have the ability to have a ‘great day.’ Merely a choice…why not choose a good one?! Wishing you a glorious and syncrosensational day!