Living a Syncrosensational Life: Taking the First Steps


The Warrior living in a new reality, was not always in the extraordinary. He once lived the ordinary, calling himself Pilgrim. His life was as everyone else, eating what everyone told him to eat. His church was a product of what everybody believed to be the ’one true’ church and his government was a natural enemy. As a Pilgrim he essentially lived in a sorrow filled reality, believing in what everyone around him instructed. This was unsettling to him and he needed to find a new reality.

Where does the Pilgrim turn to, when the mainstream tells you how to live, who to associate with and what words to speak.? How does the Pilgrim cut the strings to his reality as a marionette? It is with the first step which proves to be the most difficult an old Chinese Proverb states:

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Knowing this, the Pilgrim must take a chance on what is burning within.  There is a natural burning of desire within each and every one of us, but we fail to embrace our highest desires of being free to do what we want and live the life that we were meant. Without that first step, the Pilgrim would have remained in the Reality of Pilgrim, never knowing the reality of Warrior. It is time to take that first step…Step Into the Canvas.

When I was a boy, probably the age of three, I remember seeing things that most could not. It was as if my dreams were foretelling my future and visions were showing me a new reality. When I spoke of this new reality, my parents told me that it was not possible.

I recall standing on the coast of Lake Michigan, looking to the East, describing to my father what I could see as a town across the waters. As I described what I saw, my father told me to erase what I saw, focusing on what was in front of me. This was the time of my shutdown. As I shutdown from seeing the impossible, I began living a false reality of what everyone else told me to see.

Up and down the roller coaster of life I went. On the ups, screaming in ecstasy…the lows manifesting some physical or metal pain. Something just did not feel right as I was injured two to three times each year for the next thirty years. I created my highs, but I also created my lows. When I was sync with my true thoughts, the roller coast rose higher and higher into the unknown…creating joy. When I was living as ‘they’ had told me to do so, I would fall lower and lower into a world of pain.

I broke my first bone at the age of three, the next a year later. Breaking bones two or three times a year, I became well versed at the natural healing process of the divine self. Even when Doctors told me that I would be limited in my functionality, I chose a different option. Believing only in my happiness, reaching for a higher plane, I sought more Love and Happiness in my life. Accepting this, my life changed.

At the age of thirty-three, my life began to decay. A decay, which later would be known as a rebirth. In my own death, I gave new life to a new reality of living…living a Syncrosensational Life.

During the rebirth ecstasy returned, lasting longer and longer each time. With practice, becoming more and more my reality. As the day became night and the night submitted to the days, my life clarity began. Suddenly I felt a sense of purpose, with all the answers to life’s questions answered.

Here I sit attempting to paint a picture of how one should live, through words,  but I cannot. As my path unfolds, I realize my reality is different from another. In our differences, we are the same. As I accept myself, I am accepting others for their differences. Some good and some not so good.

How is this possible? How is it we are so different, but we are the same? It is a silly human trait to think we are different or separate from the rest. In realizing our difference make us whole, we are free to live in a reality often considered fantasy land. What are the risks? The risks of living in fantasy land? No risks except for the opportunities we fail to try.

Accepting my new reality does not mean worldly suffering disappears. Instead it means my focus is on that of what we all desire…peace. Lending a hand when feasible and lending prayer when it is not in my power to aid.

It is not enough to take part in the Canvas of Life, but more important to fall into the canvas with whole heart and soul. What does it mean to fall into the canvas? It means not just stepping into the canvas while actively participating in the canvas, but being and active participant with continuous intention of actively participating in the canvas AND creating the life that is most Desired while enjoying every aspect of the canvas.

From the darkened clouds painted on the canvas to the neon fluorescent and radiating colors, we are to create the lives as we choose not as others choose. Whenever a painter paints it is through his own interpretation of the Universe, but when others analyze His work they attach their own interpretation.

If we only see one side of the painting, we miss the creator’s intent.  See the beauty of all the varying colors/varying interpretations and lose yourself in the many mysteries that lay before you in the canvas.

Where does one begin?  Put down the blackberry.  Hang up the cellphone.  Stop texting for a moment. Just sit and ’be’ for a moment, allowing the true nature to fill your soul. Can’t do it?! Then take a weekend and spend some needed time in the woods. Maybe it is time for a retreat?!

If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need. ~Abraham

It is about taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature…returning back to Mother Earth and being one. Many will oppose this idea, but eventually will need some necessary downtime or as I like to call it…’Me Time.’ during this me time is the one way we can bridge the gap between us and the Universe.

Stepping Into the Canvas choosing to fall with whole heart and soul.  Lend a hand, an ear or a friendly smile. Do what you want today not what others say ’you should’ do. Stay away from the trap of pleasing others, but please only yourself. Today I will not only step, but will fall into the canvas…taking the first steps toward happiness.

Have you been sitting on the fence about a life change? A new job? Where you are going? Focus on the task at hand..that of Love, Light and Life…and you shall never be led astray.

stepping off